Our Bodies Are 99% Space

 —Octilogy (Chapter 13, page 290)

Metamorphsis, Sage of the Ages, explains the space-time continuum to Hunter Wainright.

“To understand time, you must comprehend space, they are interconnected,” Morph said.

“Do you mean the space between us, right now?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, and no. By space, I mean all things, everything from the macrocosm to the microcosm, all things.

“Every thing you can imagine, visible and invisible, is energy waves…waves of possibility…vibrating.

“The universe, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small, is comprised of pure energy.

“This pure energy is made up of sub-atomic particles, the building blocks of the universe. Are you familiar with atoms?”

Hunter shook his head, yes.

“The stuff that makes up atoms, sub-atomic particles…energy waves…appear to be solid, but they are mostly empty space, 99.99% empty space to be exact and—”

“Then, why is this solid?” Hunter asked, picking up a speckled, granite rock. 

“It is not solid.”

Suddenly, Hunter threw the rock against the face of the cliff. The rock shattered into pieces.

“It sure looks solid to me,” Hunter said, chuckling.

Eve flinched and sneered at the Earthling. The startled moleipeedes grunted and jerked on their reins. Grimnir snorted, jumping up to calm his sumpters.

Hunter bowed his head. Trying to justify his misplaced energy, he held his hand out, offering an apology to Eve. She ignored him.

“Great arm, young man,” Morph said, signaling to Samgala, everything is all right.

Metamorphosis picked up a smooth, black rock, held it in his lower right hand and said, “The reason this rock appears solid is due to the forces that bind the atoms of the rock together.”

“When my hand touches the rock, the force fields of atoms in my hand meet the equally strong force fields of the rock causing mutual repulsion of the billions of microscopic, but incredibly strong force fields.

“This force prevents my hand from penetrating the rock.

“Rocks have the appearance of being solid, just like our bodies appear to be solid. But we, like this rock, are all 99% space.”

“This is hard to grasp,” Hunter said, shaking his head back and forth.

“In reality, this rock I hold in my hand is moving, just like everything in the universe.

“It contains countless atoms, protons, neutrons and subatomic particles that race around so fast that the rock appears motionless.

“The pattern of the movement creates the shape of the rock. The rock moves and does not move, all at the same time.

“We, like the rock, move and do not move, through time and space at incredible speeds.”

“That rock is made of pure energy?” Hunter asked.

“All things, broken down to their most primal form, are all made of the same stuff…pure energy.

“This prime energy, the oneness, is the substance of all things in the universe. All things.

“One, endless ocean of energy, never ending, connects us all and—”

“But aren’t there different kinds of energy?” Hunter asked. “You know…electric, solar, the energy that fuels our bodies.”

“In their purest form, they are all the same energy, the one energy,” Morph replied. “Thoughts, sound, color, your dog, rocks, water, your body, even the stars, are all the very same energy.”


“Anything, everything, all things. Both seen and unseen.”

“Unbelievable,” Hunter said, staring at the red sky.


Continued on page 292 of Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures





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