Time and Space Connect Us All

—Octilogy (Chapter 13, page 289)


“Allow me to explain space and time in human terms,” Metamorphosis told Hunter.

The sage stood and walked eight paces toward the cave entrance. He turned and said, “What have I just done?”

“Walked away,” Hunter said.

“Would you say I just moved?”

Hunter nodded. “Sure.”

“What are you doing at this moment, Hunter?”

“I’m sitting here next to Eve.”

“Do you consider yourself in motion, moving?”

“No, I’m sitting still.”

“That is incorrect. You are moving, right now, at the speed of light.

“By sitting there, you are moving through time, but not through space. Time and space change according to how you move.”

“But, I’m not moving,” Hunter said.

“You might not feel it, but you are. You are moving at the speed of light through time. Time.”


Before Hunter could speak, Morph said, “Stand up and walk toward me.”

Hunter stood and walked toward the Sage of the Ages.

“You have just moved through space,” Morph said.  ”Space and time. However, you moved at such a slow speed that you just moved mostly through time, not space.

“The faster you travel, the more you move in space. The slower you travel, the more you move in time.

“You can move through space without moving through time, and you can move through time without moving through space.

 “My son, allow me to recite the twin paradox.

“Imagine that you leave the Earth in a space craft and your sister Julia remains home.

“You travel at the speed of light and you are gone for ten years.

“Upon your return to Earth, Julia shall have aged ten years. You shall not have aged.”

“How’s that possible?” Hunter asked.

“As I told you, the faster you move in space, the less you move in time.When you move at the speed of light, you do not age because you have not moved through time, just space.

“Time and space change according to how you move. For your comprehension, I speak of how fast you move, the speed. So far, I have referred to the speed of light, but there is another speed which creates the ultimate oneness…infinite speed.

“If you and I moved at infinite speed, we would only move through space, not through time.”

Hunter asked, “When you say in no time, you really do mean, instantly?”

“Yes. All the vibrations of the universe move at infinite speed. Thoughts move at infinite speed, also known as superluminal speed.

“Infinite speed allows things to be in several places all at the same time. All things happen at once, everywhere. All things are connected, even though they do not appear connected.

“Everything, every thing, is connected.”


“Connected at infinite speed, all things happen in no time. Everything is happening now. NOW!”

“Eve, do you understand?” Morph asked.

She nodded and said, “By sitting here I only move through time. By walking, running, flying, or traveling in a space ship, I move through space and time together.

“The faster I go, the more I move in space and less in time. This is how I will not age when I move, travel at the speed of light.

“If I could move at infinite speed, no time, there is no time and I only move through space.”

“Excellent analysis of time and space,” Metamorphosis said.

God, there she goes again, Hunter thought, making me look ignorant.


Continued on page 292 of Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures





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