Governments Eventually Fail

—Octilogy (Chapter 18, page 417)

“Doesn’t that go back to what you said about governments, that we need less government?” Hunter asked Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages.

Morph replied, “Truly, the best governor governs least. When the rulers know their own heart, the masses remain simple and pure.

“When the ruler meddles with their lives, they become restless and disturbed.”

Hunter said, “I guess politicians do like to be in charge of everything…tell people what to do.”

Morph grinned. “They are power fanatics. Once Hades became infected with the virus, he radically changed the cultural direction for the infected citizens of Avernus. They abandoned the Great Way.

“Once they lost their way, they needed rules. With the rules came the rulers to restore order. From the order came chaos.

“The Great Way is very smooth and straight, and yet primitive beings prefer devious paths. That is why the governments are corrupt and the fields lie in waste.”

“Do a lot of governments fail?” Hunter asked.

“All governments eventually fail. This is because governments base their existence on deception. Lies.

“Governments lie to maintain stability and to hold the loyalty of the citizens. The leaders of government, politicians, want you to believe that their self-interest is the same as your self-interest, but this is false.”

Hunter frowned. “So, why do the citizens of Avernus allow this?”

“Because it reflects their low self-esteem society, the collective consciousness of their negative thoughts. In other words, the ignorant masses have spoken.”

“You mean, like my country?, the Earthling asked.”

“You keep voting for the same politicians year after year, decade after decade, century after century. Your government officials not only represent you, they are you, personified.

“For the past 250 years you have unwisely chosen your leaders. Look at the results. All governments plunder the planet, destroy the environment, start wars that only benefit them and deny their citizens the basic necessities of life.”

“Tell me again; what’s the solution?”

“The collective consciousness of your nation, all nations, must change. Only when all of you change your thoughts shall the government change. Only then shall you have less government. Less government is the wisest choice.”

“I’ll remember that. Less government is the wisest choice,” Hunter said.

“Excellent, my son.”

“I bet if a philosopher king or a sage ruled Avernus, no one would starve.”

“Good point. A sage’s crown is in his heart, not worn on his head, not decked with diamonds and stones, nor to be seen. The crown is called content, a crown that kings seldom enjoy.”

Hunter asked, “With all his wealth, why doesn’t Hades just simply enjoy his riches and fame, take care of his people?”

“Hades is power hungry. Those who seek power over others develop unjust rules. With the unjust rules come laws, and with the laws come government, and with the government comes corrupt politicians, crime, poverty and high taxes.”

“You have high taxes on Millennium?”

“Of course. Just like Earth, when self-serving politicians and government officials are in charge of lawmaking, they write rules that benefit them personally.

“The masses are overtaxed to sustain the bad decisions of politicians and the rule makers’ luxurious lifestyles. Rule makers always take advantage of their citizens. The unhappy citizens always rebel. Revolutions have become a predictable part of your history.”

“If he is the king, a powerful god, why is he so unhappy?”

“Because he has become a tyrant. All tyrants begin their reign as the champion of the poor. Like Hades, tyrants promise to release the citizens from their debts and bring wealth and prosperity to the kingdom.

“The greedy tyrant is ruled by his uncontrollable appetites. He cannot sleep, worried about betrayals and assassinations. The power-hungry tyrant lives in fear. I believe your Shakespeare said it best, ‘Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.”

“Did he get that from you?”

Morph grinned and adjusted his spectacles. “All human knowledge came from Millennium.”



Continued on page 420 of Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures




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