Right vs Wrong

—Octilogy (Chapter 21, page 536 )


“Your belief is incorrect. There is no right or wrong,” Metamorphosis told Hunter Wainright.

“There is no evil. You have created this idea of right and wrong, good and evil, because you want everything to fit into a neat and understandable concept.

“Humans require that everything be categorized neatly into a divine order, as if by some superior source.

“The reality is, two truths can and do exist at the same time.

“When two truths exist simultaneously, humans automatically believe one of the truths to be wrong.

“This is incorrect thinking. There is no right and wrong in the universe, only opposing forces.” 

“Give me an example of two truths that oppose each other,” Hunter said.


 “Your answer lies in the Law of Opposing Forces. It states that nothing exists without its opposite.

“These universal forces can never be reconciled. They exist in opposition. The best words I can use are conflict…polarity.

“Opposing forces are hot and cold, up and down, light and dark, left and right, pleasure and pain, love and fear.

“The favorite on Earth seems to be good and bad, or good versus evil. It is actually high self-esteem versus low self-esteem.

“Your entire existence is based on trying to reconcile these forces that exist together in perfect opposition.

“I ask you to stop choosing one or the other. Stop thinking, ‘What is and what is not’.

“Change your thoughts to, ‘everything just is.’

“Stop dividing things into right and wrong and then choosing one.

“A contradiction does not mean something is right or wrong, it just is.

“Fighting over right and wrong has destroyed your civilization. You kill each other over the dichotomy of right and wrong.”

“Dichotomy?” Hunter asked.


“Dichotomy is two opposites that contradict each other,” Morph responded. “Take love and fear, these are polarities that coexist in perfect conflict and opposition.

“You cannot know love until you experience not loving, just like you cannot experience cold until you experience hot.

“You cannot know light until you know dark.”

“I think I’m getting this,” Hunter said.

“I suggest you follow your essential nature. Do not try to be anything; just be.

“In an effort to be good, just, moral and loving, you lose your true nature; you lose your Self. Just be.

“The polarities of good and bad, right and wrong, legal and illegal, justice and injustice must all be abandoned.

“When they surface, the Great Way is lost. Oneness has no polarity. This supreme truth is difficult to grasp.

“I have learned that telling humans there is no such thing as good or evil, there is only love, causes confusion.

“I shall focus on the Duality Paradox to help you better understand opposites.

“When faced with a choice or question involving two opposites, always choose the path of least resistance.

“And if you are not certain, always err on the side of compassion.

“Rather than being forceful, be humble. Rather than grasping, let go.

“Rather than being rigid, be flexible. Rather than taking action, take no action…be patient and do nothing.”

“That’s it? The best action is non action?” Hunter asked.


“Yes. I suggest you live the elusive paradox.

“Whatever you have been conditioned to believe, I ask you to consider the exact opposite view.

“When you think someone is wrong and do not agree with them, hold your tongue and be silent. Never argue again.”

Hunter said, “I’ll start looking for the opposites in everything. Stop choosing one over the other.”

Morph nodded, yes. “I shall share my favorite paradox. ‘Fulfill the needs of others and your needs shall be fulfilled.’”

“Rather than putting yourself first, put yourself last and you shall end up ahead.’”


Continued on page 538 ―Octilogy:Eight Great Treasures

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