Heaven and Hell

Planet Millennium

—Octilogy  (Chapter 15, page 353 )

 “I need to know if there is a heaven and a hell. I mean, does my soul go to heaven when I die?” Hunter Wainright asked Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages.

“If you recall,” Morph replied, “ I have answered half the question when we spoke about religions.”

“You mean, there is no hell?” Hunter asked.

The sage nodded, yes.

 Dungeon of Fire

“Your religions have you believe that you are born bad, imperfect, and therefore must earn your way to heaven.

“You are taught that if you are good, your soul journeys to heaven. Humans put themselves through living hell just to get to heaven.

“There is no physical hell, but humans create hell on Earth with their negative thoughts.”

“Okay, if hell doesn’t exist, explain heaven,” Hunter said.

 Captain Kraken

“There is not much to explain, for you are already there.”



“This can’t be heaven. This dark place reminds me of hell.”

 Glacier of Danger

“Hell is a figment of your imagination. Heaven is real.”

“Where is it again?”

“It is right here. It is everywhere. In fact, you just arrived here a few daynights ago from heaven.”

“Are you telling me Earth is also heaven?”

 Eight Great Kingdoms

“Correct. As I have said, heaven is everywhere and nowhere.

“Heaven is here, now.

“Your concept of traveling to, or getting to heaven, is incorrect thinking. You are already here, in paradise. There is nowhere to go. Enjoy this heavenly moment.”

 “But, God lives in heaven, not on Earth,” Hunter said.

 The Utopians

“As I’ve already told you, God lives everywhere.

“Heaven is everywhere.

“There was something formless and perfect before the universe was born.

“It is serene. Empty. Solitary. Unchanging.

 “Infinite. Eternally present. It is the Mother of the universe.”

Planet Millennium - Land of the Eight Great Treasures 

Continued on page 355 of Octilogy:Eight Great Treasures

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