Love Death As You Love Life

Planet Millennium

—Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures, Chapter 15, page 351

 Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, explains death to Hunter Wainright.

“Love death as you love life,” Metamorphosis said.

“I can’t imagine loving death,” Hunter said.

Octilogy - Chapter 15

“Death, as with life, is part of a circle, not a linear line. Life and death are part of the great cosmic wheel.

“Death is not an end, but a beginning.

 “Imagine a moment in time. It ends the instant it begins. Life itself is like a moment; it ends the instant it begins.

“There are no ordinary moments. Imagine that every time you visit a friend or a loved one, it is your last time together.

“Believe me, your experience would be enhanced a thousand fold if you thought this way.

“Imagine each happy experience as if it were the last such moment. Believe me, you would treasure each moment.”

Octilogy - Chapter 15

“You mean, live every minute as if it were my last?” Hunter asked.

“Exactly. Never miss a moment during your eternal journey.”

“But what does this have to do with death?” Hunter asked.

“Death is not real. Life is not real.

“Nothing is real. Life is an illusion.

When the sage says, ‘Be in the world, not of the world,’ this wisdom speaks of the illusion of life and death.

Octilogy - Chapter 15

“I say again, you are not your body; therefore, dying is simply part of the universal circle, the cosmic wheel.

“As you love your body this moment, there shall come the moment when you love being released from your body.

“The moment your physical life ends shall be the happiest moment of your existence.”

Hunter scratched his temple. “That’s hard to believe.”

“Life and death are identical. The real you is not part of this world, or Earth, or any planet in the universe.

“You are not solid or permanent, you are ever-changing. The cells of your body are replaced every seven Earth years.

“The atoms that comprise your body are billions of years old and have billions of years of life left in them. In effect, you shall live for eons.

Octilogy - Chapter 15

“The real you is formless and invisible. Death is the nature of our reality.

“Soon, you shall realize that you have not been learning how to live, you have been learning how to die.

“My son, live the mystery of death.

“All things, including your body, came from a formless energy field, an ocean of timelessness, and shall return to the nothingness.

“Everything returns to its Source, the Invisible Life Force.”

Octilogy - Chapter 15 

Continued in

—Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures

Octilogy Eight Great Treasures - Chapter 15


Octilogy - Chapter 15



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