Emotional Virus


—Octilogy (Chapter 4, page 76)


Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, explains the ruination of paradise to Hunter Wainright.

“Prior to the cataclysmic asteroid collision with our planet, all intelligent Millennium creatures, humanoid or otherwise, lived together in perfect harmony.



“When the infected asteroid crashed and spread the Extractor Virus, everything changed. The Dark Plague infected paradise.

“Many Utopians, members of our noblest race, caught the infections and became Extractors. Brother turned against brother, sister against sister.

“Even the gods and goddesses began quarreling amongst themselves.”


The wise sage ran his fingers through his white beard.

 “Prior to the Dark Plague, we enjoyed a utopian society, a social paradise.

 “No creature on Millennium, large or small, suffered from bad behavior.

“Good behavior prevailed.

“No evil.

 “Soon after the asteroid crashed, we observed the first symptoms of the disease.”


“Symptoms?” Hunter asked.

 Morph nodded. “The hideous viruses, once they infect a creature’s thoughts, develop into recognizable symptoms.

 “The most common symptoms, diseases, are dysfunctionalexia, emotionalsclerosis, badhabititis, and lowselfesteemia.

 “On your planet, Earth, the symptoms are commonly referred to as personal and social disorders…

“anger, violence, jealousy,

“lying, cheating, stealing,

“gossiping, making fun of others and revenge, just to name a few.”


“Of course, the viral infections always result in terrible family disorders…emotional abuse, physical violence, alcoholism, drug addiction and broken homes.

 “The result is world-wide social disorder…poverty, starvation, corrupt governments, riots, war and genocide.”


 “A virus causes all those bad behaviors, all that misery and death?” Hunter asked.

 “Yes, an emotional virus, Dark Plague, that infects human thoughts.”




Continued on Chapter 4,  page 78  of Octilogy:Eight Great Treasures




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