Prison Nation

Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures 

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, tapped Hunter on the shoulder. “Your prison experience has made you wiser.”

“How do you know that?” Hunter asked.

“Within misfortune, good fortune lies. You now know the true meaning of good fortune.”

Hunter held the reins tightly. “I know one thing, I never want to be in prison again.”

“What you experienced was a worldly prison; the loss of physical freedom. The universe has only one true prison.”


“Where is that?”

“The prison in your mind.”

Hunter searched for the meaning behind the sage’s words.

“All I know is,” Hunter said, “the feeling of being trapped and caged like an animal was horrible.”

“I understand. A primitive society’s values are reflected in their penal system. As you say on Earth, ‘A society is judged by how it treats its prisoners.’”

“We are humane to our prisoners in California. They get three square meals a day and clean cells and television and—”

 Planet Millennium

“Where did you get that information?” Morph asked, interrupting the Earthling.

“It’s just common knowledge.”

“I have been told that one out of every hundred people are incarcerated in your greatUnited States of America. I have heard that your prisons are overcrowded and that the majority of guards have a collective consciousness of inhumanity.”

“Well, prisons are necessary. We need more of them because there’s a lot of crime. The criminals have to be locked up for the safety of others.”

“I have been informed by Earth visitors that the majority of incarcerated humans are locked together in tiny cells without rehabilitation programs…many for nonviolent crimes.”

 “Criminals need to pay for their bad behavior.”

“Should prisoners be given the chance to rehabilitate themselves, learn to change their thoughts so they may reenter society?”

“Or, do you believe they should be locked away without the opportunity to change their lives?”

“I’m not sure.”

 “Now that you know the feeling of being imprisoned, being abused, being treated inhumanely, do you believe that anyone should have to experience that?”

“No. But how are bad people supposed to be punished?”

Planet Millennium 

“The first step is rehabilitation, not more punishment, especially in a primitive society with a dysfunctional criminal justice system. Focus on changing the inmate’s thoughts. Give them hope. Allow them the opportunity to change their behavior. Do not punish them more by locking them in cells, isolating them, denying them medical care and harassing them.” They are certain to grow restless and rebellious. That is how caged animals react.”

“Earth’s prison crisis shall only get worse. Incarceration without rehabilitation solves nothing. What you do to others, you do to yourself.”

“To do what you’re suggesting, we’d have to change our entire justice system.”

“Correct. What are you waiting for?”

 “The longer your society delays the rehabilitation of millions of incarcerated humans, the worse the crisis shall become. Your prison system promotes human warehousing, an entire industry based on human beings locked together in cages to create employment for other people to profit.

“An entire prison nation exists.

“Human beings locked together in cages to create employment for other people to profit. An entire prison nation exists.”

Hunter grimaced. “I don’t believe that human warehousing exists. That sounds like torture.”

“I’ll research the prison system when I get home. “The prisons can’t be the way you describe them. Our democratic government wouldn’t allow that to happen.”

“I wish you were correct. Unfortunately, governments are dysfunctional—inhumane.”

 Underworld of Answers

“The Extractor’s government has created the same prison system here on Planet Millennium, all based on the same unnecessary laws, justified by low self-esteem criminal activity, perpetuated by fear. The Extractors are extremely proud of their prisons. As I have said, your country’s level of humanity can be determined by how it treats its prisoners.”

“I’ll think about this.”

“Think about it you shall, for now you know what it feels like to be imprisoned…what it feels like to lose your freedom, what hopelessness feels like.

“Now that you have experienced incarceration, I have a good feeling that you shall speak out against your corrupt correctional system when you return home.”

“All I know is,” Hunter replied, “no one should ever have to tolerate what I just went through.”

“Your wisdom is well received, my son.”

Morph smiled.

Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures 

—Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures

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