Planet Millennium

—Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures   (Chapter 7, page 169)


“How do you feel about people going hungry on your planet, starving to death?” Morph asked Hunter Wainright.

Hunter grimaced. “Hunger? My parents say that the starving and the homeless need to help themselves, find a job.”

“Do you believe that?”

“Yeah, we can’t help everybody that’s homeless and hungry, they got themselves in their own mess.

“Those people need to get a job, make something out of themselves, quit making excuses.

“My parents work hard and pay taxes. They can’t spend their time worrying about all the homeless people inCalifornia.

“My mom and dad can’t decide the fate of the homeless, I mean, what other choice do working people like my parents have?”


“My son, life is all about decisions, choices,” Morph replied. “Your parents can help the homeless any time they choose.

“Your planet can end hunger tomorrow if people decide, choose, to make it happen.

“It is obvious that your primitive human race lacks compassion…love.”

Hunter folded his arms, perplexed with Morph’s statement.

“The solution is so simple. All you humans have to do is agree, make the decision, to stop hunger.”

“Agree on what?”

“Agree to change your primitive views. Humans must agree to help the less fortunate, stop starvation.”

“But, I don’t think it’s that simple.”

Morph lowered his chin and looked over the rim of his spectacles.

Land of the Eight Great Treasures 

“It is that simple. Your planet is in utter chaos because of the choices human beings continue to make.”

“My mom says it’s difficult to change the way things are in the world, that suffering is part of life.”

“The Earth’s health is in total decline because the human race makes greedy, primitive decisions, or conveniently fails to make any decisions, mostly in the name of greed. Failing to decide is simply an excuse.”

 “Okay, I admit, some of your points make some sense.”

“Your own life is a direct result of your personal decisions, the choices you have made, now make, or fail to make?

 “All intelligent beings create the consciousness that makes all things possible.

“Humans can make a conscious decision to give less fortunate people the dignity they deserve, now, not later.”

 Moprh and Dragonram

Hunter rolled his eyes. “How can that happen on Earth?”

“Humans must end the discrimination and hatred that prevent the majority of people on your planet from having, the simple necessities of life…water, food, clothing, shelter. DIGNITY.”

“I don’t know, hmmm, it’s not that easy. People back home try to help the homeless.”


“Poor people are just unlucky. You know, bad stuff just happens.”

“My son, that is false. There are no coincidences in the universe.”

Hunter looked defiantly at Morph. “Hey, what about bad luck, accidents?”

“Allow me to offer you the second secret of the universe, ‘Nothing, no thing, happens by accident.’”

 Upperworld of Wisdom



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