Government & Politics

 Planet Millennium

—Octilogy (Chapter 7, page 172)


“I read a section in the Magnum Opus on the League of Kingdoms: Self-Government,” Hunter told Metamorphosis.

 ”My mom’s a Republican and my dad’s a Democrat.

 “They argue all the time about government and politics. They fight about religion.”

“What is the question?” Morph asked, taking another gulp of juice from his mug.

“How is it possible to have just one world government for an entire planet?”

 Planet Millennium

“Before I explain the justification for governments and politicians, dominate them, I must explain civilizations and societies.

“Government is unnecessary in an enlightened society. Since enlightened beings live the supreme truth, they require no rules, no laws, no rituals, no governing body of politicians.

“Enlightened beings live life as leaders. Before the Extractors arrived, no government or politics existed on Millennium.

“Our planet enjoyed an enlightened society, abiding by Universal Laws, prior to the Extractor Asteroid event.”

 Planet Millennium

“After the Crater of Chaos was formed, primitive tribes emerged from the chaos.

“As the Extractors conquered more land, wars broke out and famine crept across small territories throughout Millennium.

“Soon, our disease-free planet experienced small outbreaks of the Dark Plague, the spread of the emotional virus.

“The low self-esteem diseases infected the thoughts of healthy creatures, turning them into dysfunctional beings…Extractors.

“Primitive civilizations with dysfunctional societies spread throughout our eight kingdoms, and much faster than we anticipated.

“Millennians became slaves of the power-hungry Extractors, carriers of the emotional virus. Even the gods became quarrelsome.”

 Planet Millennium

Andvari poured juice into Hunter’s mug, set the pitcher down and cleared the plates from the breakfast table.

“We found it necessary, in the Year of the Tiger, 47 A.E., to form one world government.

“We organized relief for Millennians oppressed by the alien invaders, the Extractors.

“We organized a League of Kingdoms, with representatives from every kingdom.

“We formed a Court of the Four Empires…a world court to settle inter-kingdom disputes, as well as subterranean disputes.

“Our world-wide organizations have been effective and the Extractor advancements are under control.”

Hunter felt the Skipbladnir pick up speed. “Who rules the League of Kingdoms?” he asked.

“Philosophers and sages provide leadership,” Metamorphosis said.

“You mean…you guys?” Hunter looked back and forth at Dragonram and Metamorphosis.

“We Utopians are the most qualified to govern.”

 Wasteland of Want

“Who’s in charge? You know, who’s the top politician, your president?”

“A philosopher king provides leadership.”

“Who is the philosopher king?”

Dragonram looked at Morph and grinned.

“You?” Hunter pointed at Metamorphosis.


“But, don’t you need professional politicians to run your government?”

“Since the only politicians on Millennium are Extractors, that would be illogical.

“This is because the main interest of all politicians is self-interest. They fail to provide leadership.

“This has been proven numerous times in primitive civilizations all over the universe.”

Hunter responded. “Where I live, the greatest country on Earth, we have born leaders who have become great politicians.”

“Who told you that?”

“My dad. My teachers. History books.”

Morph said, “On Planet Earth, most human beings lack the knowledge and wisdom needed for governing, therefore, those drawn to political aspirations are dominated by low self-esteem motives, fame and fortune.

“Once in office, the politicians are easily seduced by greed and power.

“These characteristics make them unfit to govern, yet they end up in public office, voted in by millions of uninformed people who, obviously, desire manipulation.”

 Underworld of Answers

“My father cannot be manipulated politically,” Hunter said.

The sage grinned. “Voters know that political speeches are designed to manipulate them, but they want to be manipulated.

“Known as the ignorant masses, they share a collective consciousness of I’ll vote only for who I like, not for the person who is wise, ethical and the most qualified.

“Public elections have become a popularity contest.

“Politicians accuse each other of saying anything, including outright lying, to manipulate potential voters.

“Your political figures are experts in disputes and arguments.

“What I mean is, they have no commitment to moral ideas, they only wish to argue against a verbal opponent.

“They become so skilled in fighting and arguing, refuting whatever is said, that no one can stand up to them.

“They argue anything, no matter if the issue is true or false, merely for the sake of victory.

“Your primitive society is unjust and corrupt because it is run by politicians appealing to the ignorant masses.”

 Octlogy: Eight Great Treasures


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