The Highest Choice

Planet Mlllennium

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, enlightened Hunter on the highest choice.

“Your first step to becoming a sage is to change your thoughts by asking questions.

“Admit that the only thing you truly know is that you know nothing. Never accept the word or teachings of others.”

“Wait. Does that include your teachings?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, mine included. Continue to seek wisdom so you may decide for yourself. Make up your own mind. Do not allow others to think for you. Ask yourself, ‘Is the information Metamorphosis has shared with me the highest truth?’”

“And if I discover your words are true?”

“When you know the wisdom to be true, ask yourself the ultimate question. Whenever I have to make a decision, what choice puts me on the highest road?”

 Eight Great Treasures

“What’s the high road?”

“The path of truth, my son. The highest road. TheGreat Way. TheOpen Road. During your childhood on Earth, you were mistakenly taken down the low road, the path of deceit, the road to ruin. You have traveled the low road most of your life. Each time you have to make a choice, you stand at the crossroads of decision. One direction takes you down the low road; the opposite direction takes you up the high road. The low road is the road to confusion, the path to greed, profit and exploitation, the road to self-indulgence. This is the favorite road of humans. The high road is the path of honesty, the highest truth. The highest road is, of course, theGreat Way, our winding and unfoldingOpen Road. You humans often call it the ‘road less traveled.’”

“Does Earth have an Open Road, a Great Way?”

Morph nodded, yes. “It is universal.”


“Then, why can’t humans find the high road?” Hunter asked.

“Humans live in a low self-esteem fog and cannot see the high road. So, they choose the low road. When they stand at the crossroads of decision and face a choice of which road to travel, they avoid the high road paved with truth because they believe the low road is easier, less work, less pain. But eventually, the low road, full of ruts, ends in anxiety and fear.”

“I understand the road thing, but I’m a little lost. What question should I ask to take the high road?”

“You are not as lost as you think. You have already asked the enlightened question, ‘How do I become a sage?’ The ultimate question is, ‘What is the highest choice I can make right now, this moment in time?’ If answered truthfully, this most basic of questions changes your life immediately.”

“Just be honest with myself?”

“The truth shall set you free. Choosing the highest truth is the ultimate free me experience. You shall never take the low road again. You shall never be lost. Your life path shall follow the cosmic wheel on its eternal journey through the cycle of life. You shall close the circle. Once you travel theGreat Way, bliss is yours forever.”

“I will have to dedicate myself, really focus.”

 Jungle of Trouble

“The Great Way of which I speak requires the mindset of a scholar. A great scholar hears of the Great Way begins diligent practice. The middling scholar hears of the Great Way retains some and loses some. The inferior scholar hears of the Great Way roars with ridicule. Without the laugh, it would not be the Great Way.”

“I know I can become a great scholar.”

“You already are, my son.”

“Thanks, Morph. Then, I can be a sage like you someday?”

“Anything is possible.”


Eight Great Kingdoms

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