Duality Paradox


Planet Millennium

—The Great Way

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, enlightened Hunter on the duality paradox.

“The polarities of good and bad, right and wrong, proper and improper, legal and illegal, justice and injustice must all be abandoned. When they surface, the Great Way is lost. Oneness has no polarity. This supreme truth is difficult to grasp.

“I have learned that telling humans there is no such thing as good or evil, there is only love, causes confusion. Telling humans that evil is a state of mind causes frustration.

“The Great Way is about opposites. These opposites create the great primal paradox, the Duality Paradox. Listen carefully and expand your mind. True words appear paradoxical. When confronted with a choice, that choice always involves opposites.”

“Do you mean right or wrong?” Hunter asked.

 Underworld of Answers

“Exactly. I offer you the answer to your dilemma.”

 “When faced with a choice or question involving two opposites, always choose the path of least resistance. And if you are not certain, always err on the side of compassion.”

 “How do I do that?”

 “Rather than being forceful, be humble. Rather than grasping, let go. Rather than being rigid, be flexible. Rather than taking action, take no action…be patient and do nothing.”

 “That’s it? The best action is non action?”

 “Yes. I suggest you live the elusive paradox.”

 Woods of Awareness

“Whatever you have been conditioned to believe, I ask you to consider the exact opposite view. When you think someone is wrong and do not agree with them, hold your tongue and be silent. Never argue again.”

“That’s the answer to solving my problems?”

“There are no problems, only solutions. I suggest you embrace every problem as an opportunity for growth.”

 “Okay. I get it. I’ll start looking for the opposites in everything. Stop choosing one over the other. This will keep me from being upset and arguing and worrying about whether I’m right or wrong. I need to share the dual paradox, the duality thing, when I get back home.”

 Morph nodded, yes. “I shall share my favorite paradox.

“Fulfill the needs of others and your needs shall be fulfilled, rather than putting yourself first, put yourself last and you shall end up ahead.”

Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures 

 The Great Way by Mel Wayne


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