Hunger and Poverty – The Solution

Underworld of Answers


Passage from Chapter 20 of 

The Great Way by Mel Wayne


 Hunter asked Morph, Sage of the Ages, “What’s the best solution to solving all the world’s problems? I need answers to bring back to Earth.”

 “I offer a two-fold solution for Planet Earth. First, appoint a philosopher as your ruler. Since you humans cannot seem to live without a leader, the least you can do is choose a great one.”

 “Do you mean one leader for the entire planet?” Hunter asked.


 Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures

“That will never work.”

 “With that attitude, you are correct.”

 “Okay, how do you propose we pull off this one-world leader?”

 “Begin with a philosopher and the grand concept shall spread through collective consciousness, through the power of thought.”

 “I admit, I like the idea. Maybe that philosophy academy you talked about will convince people. Okay, what’s the second thing we need to do?”

“Second, impose a humanitarian tax,” Morph said.

 “This would work because you humans cannot seem to survive without government control. Tax is another word for donation as it relates to compassion.”

 “People don’t like taxes in California. We’re already over taxed.”

 The sage handed Hunter a mug of amrita. “I use the word tax because it is a concept you understand.

 ”Enlightened beings do not have to be taxed. They share everything. They do not need to be asked. Your Native Americans understood this concept of sharing.

 ”Until your world eliminates the virus and learns to share naturally, I suggest you use the number eight to solve poverty.”

 Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures

“Eight?” Hunter shrugged his shoulders.

 “From Octilogy, Eight Great Treasures, comes the concept of eight. For Earth, it would be an eight percent humanitarian tax. The eight percent donation would solve all your poverty and hunger issues, among other things.”

 “No more poverty by giving eight percent of our income? That doesn’t sound realistic,” Hunter said.

 “If every person on Earth gave eight percent of their income, no more-no less, your entire planet would prosper. All human beings would enjoy the basic necessities of life…food, shelter, clothing.”

 ”This would restore human dignity, which has been lost entirely, except by the elite, who suffer from the disease of more.

 ”Once dignity is restored, humans can focus on proper education, productive careers, and living a noble existence.”

 Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures

Hunter said, “The eight percent sounds fair. I hear my father complain that he pays thirty or forty percent of his income to the government. I saw on the news that foreign countries pay fifty percent or more.”

 “As I’ve already told you,” Morph said, “over-taxation is inevitable when governments are run by self-serving politicians.”

 “My mom and dad are willing to share eight percent of their income with people who really need it,” Hunter said.

 Vindalf snapped the leather reins—wooossshhh-snnnaaappp. The spotted oxen grunted while the wagon surged forward.

 “Always share with others. Generosity is just one secret to happiness. On Earth, it is your key to salvation.  The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart shall suffer.”

 Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures

“Thanks, I’ll think about your two solutions,” Hunter said, taking a gulp of amrita.

 Hunter smiled. “I feel better already.”

 “That’s the spirit, my son. When you practice putting yourself last, your life changes. The sage serves. The sage gives, not takes. Give; ask nothing in return.”

“Is that why you gave that beggar all your money?”

 “Of course,” Morph said. He stood, unfolded his wings and flapped them. Hunter and Eve’s hair blew in their faces.

 “When I flap my wings, the vibrations can be felt thousands of miles away and out into the universe.

 ”Likewise, my act of kindness to that unfortunate soul-in-need sent out high-frequency vibrations into the cosmos.

 ”When we get enough vibrations of compassion throughout the universe, change is inevitable.”

 “I plan to help the homeless when I return to Earth,” Hunter announced.                                            

“That is a noble cause.” The sage sat back down. “Your life shall have a grand plan. A purpose.”

-Passage from Chapter 20 of The Great Way by Mel Wayne

 Planet Millennium: Land of the Eight Great Treasures





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