Emotional Virus


—The Great Way


Metamorphosis explains the Dark Plague—Curse of the Universe, to Hunter Wainright.

“As I told you earlier, Hunter, your negative thoughts are a direct result of the Dark Plague, the low self-esteem virus.”

“How do I prove to the people back on Earth that this emotional virus really exists?” Hunter asked.

 “Since the dawn of social awareness, humans have been plagued by an emotional disease that has infected their thoughts. Simply ask them some basic questions. They shall figure it out on their own.”


“Should I write these down?” Hunter asked, grabbing his artist satchel.

 “No. You shall remember these questions, they are easy. The questions do not need to be answered out loud, just thought about. An excellent self-esteem question is, ‘Do I, or anyone I know, act or behave angry, impatient, hot-headed, sarcastic, jealous, violent, dishonest, depressed or revengeful?’

“Another excellent question is, ‘Do I, or anyone I know, ever put down someone, interrupt others, gossip about someone, laugh at someone’s mistake, talk only about themselves, constantly complain, intimidate others, argue, or make fun of others?’”


 “But everyone acts that way,” Hunter said. “It’s normal on Earth to make fun of people. It’s harmless fun.”

“I understand your logical response. My point is that all the behaviors I just mentioned are low self-esteem behaviors.”

“The things you mentioned are how humans act; it’s just the way they are. They don’t think they are doing anything wrong. Their intuition tells them something is wrong; therefore, they live in a world of denial. They justify their negative behavior by making excuses for themselves. Excuses. They justify their bad behavior with thoughts of, ‘Maybe I do make fun of others, but I’m only kidding around, or, maybe I do get a little impatient or angry. So what? It’s normal to be angry.”



Hunter thought for a moment and said, “Okay, Morph, I see your point.”

“And what is that?”

“That humans are in denial about how they act. They lie to themselves. People do not want to admit their faults.”

Morph’s eyes twinkled in the fire light. “Self-denial keeps you humans from the truth. You actually believe you do not suffer from low self-image. You believe you are beautiful just the way you are, that change is unnecessary. But at the same time, ninety percent of your thoughts are negative and destructive…self-destructive.”



“So, how do I prove to people that they are infected, that they have a disease?” Hunter asked.

 “Simple. The viral thought diseases have recognizable symptoms. Just like the common cold or the flu, you can see, with your own eyes, the infectious symptoms.

 “The symptoms are revealed in your behaviors, that is, how you act and treat one another. Through the power of negative thoughts, you infect each other with the virus.

 “You imitate one another’s actions. I believe your saying is, ‘Monkey see, monkey do.’”



“That’s funny, Morph. Now we’re a bunch of monkeys.”

“No, monkeys get along better than humans.”

“Touché.” Hunter made a goofy face for Eve, crossing his eyes. She frowned and said, “This is not funny.”

“Sorry, just kidding.” Hunter stopped smiling. With a wounded look in his eyes, he motioned to Morph to continue. 

“Your primitive civilization has unintentionally developed hypnotic ways to teach bad behaviors to your children.”

“Wait.” Hunter raised his hand. “Say that again.”






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