Curse of the Media


—The Great Way

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, enlightened Hunter on the negative effects of media on society.

“The craziness has continued on Earth for seven hundred years. The Witches Hammer was your first warning of how media can destroy a civilization. You have not heeded this profound warning. Your media, no matter what form it is presented in, is worshiped by most of you. It controls your lives.”

“Mind control?” Hunter asked.

 “Yes. In your recent Earth history, a world war started because of a new media technology.”


 “No. Radio. Another media invention.”

 “Radio? A world war began with a radio?”


“One little man with a funny mustache hypnotized Europe armed with nothing but a microphone and a radio.You humans did not learn from that negative media experience resulting in the deaths of millions of people. Things have not changed; the media has gotten worse.”

Before Hunter spoke, Morph raised his upper right hand. “I do not wish to review your tragic human history. Your human curiosity for gossip and misery and negative events, bad news, is destroying your civilization. Media controls your lives. Your media elects your politicians, judges your innocent prior to trial, determines what you eat and drink and shows you how to look. The media tells you what is right and wrong. You have allowed your media to run your lives. The saddest part of all of this is, the media is YOU.”

 “I will do something revolutionary when I get home.”

 “Say the word, and it shall be done.”


“I’m going to create positive media. Positive. I will change the way things are,” Hunter told Metamorphosis.

 “Because of your commitment to change, I have a suggestion for your enlightenment when you return home.”

 “Anything you say.” Hunter drank from the mug of tangy açai juice.

 “Seek out and read the books written by the Earthly sages I mentioned earlier. Many of these masters of wisdom have recorded their messages in books. One of the greatest gifts we Millennians have given you Earthlings is the alphabet, the written word. Stop abusing the alphabet. Avoid the books with negative words. Find the books with positive words, sacred words.”

 “How will I know these books?”

 “Seek out the books that change your thoughts.”

 “You mean, on politics and religion?”


“Not exactly. I speak of the books that help you think differently about thinking. I speak of the books that help you eliminate your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. Once you know how to think properly, you shall choose wise books and positive media.”

 “How about self-help books?”

 “That sounds logical, since you humans need help; that is, need to improve your selves. No one can help you change your thoughts except you. Your Self. So, self-help sounds like a good place to begin. Philosophy is also important reading for your growth.”

 “But, which books are the right ones?”

 “You shall know when the book is right for you. Soon after you open the book, the words have an immediate life-changing effect upon you. You are drawn to the book like a butterfly to a beautiful flower filled with sweet nectar. The book, filled with real magic, quickly becomes your best friend. The words sooth you. The pages turn automatically. The messages of enlightenment create calmness, tranquility in your life.”

“Thank you, Morph.”


Flipbook of THE GREAT WAY

Flipbook of THE GREAT WAY







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