Being or Non-Being: Who Am I?

Planet Millennium

Morph, Sage of the Ages smiled at Hunter and said, “You, as a human being, have your own beingness, meaning your physical body. Your non-being, the invisible part of you, is difficult to describe in human terms.


“In other words, the question is, ‘What makes you, you?’ It is not just your physical beingness, your flesh and bone.


“For if I laid all your body parts out on this cave floor, all your parts would be here, but you would not.


“Your non-beingness, what is not, determines your usefulness, and more importantly, who you are, your beingness.


“Your non-being entity is the real you. Your soul and your thoughts and your personal energy that makes you unique, like no other being in the universe.”

Planet Millennium

“Is my soul a spirit?” Hunter asked.


“All beings begin as formless spirits. As your scientists have discovered, particles do not come from particles, they come from waves of pure energy, the energy of life. The cosmic soup.


“Life energy comes from spirit, not particles. We have arrived from spirit and we shall return to spirit. Spirit is non-being.”


“Then, is my soul separate from my body?” Hunter asked the sage.


 “This non-being, this nothingness that is your essence, your divine spark, is the soul within you.


“Your inner non-beingness, your spirit, your soul, is part of you. It is not separate.


“Once you grasp this natural law, you shall feel your soul.


”The paradoxical nature of opposites, such as the union of body and soul, is what you shall embrace as reality.


“Being and non-being produce each other. They exist as one.”  


“I suppose that makes sense. But how do I know my soul exists if I can’t feel it?” Hunter asked.


“The world that you think you know is not as it seems. Perhaps another example might help.


“There are many things in the universe that are real but you cannot see them, or touch them.”


“You mean, like thoughts?”


“Yes, but I have a better one. Magnetism.”


Hunter thought for a moment, and grinned.




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