Feeling My Soul

The Great Wayne by Mel Wayne

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“How do I feel my soul?” Hunter asked Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages.

The sage said,“You feel your soul when you learn to let go of the physical world, the world of objectivity, what you believe to be real.

“When you stop seeing with your everyday eyes you will begin to sense and feel your soul.

“Learn freedom within, an internal quietness that allows an inner reality, a peaceful thought process. Quiet time. Relaxation. This can only happen through meditation.”

The Great Wayne by Mel Wayne

Morph smiled and the Earthling and said, “Simply sit in a quiet place and allow your thoughts to slow down, hear yourself breathe, close your eyes and feel the bliss. Imagine inhaling the air from the other side of the universe, from a place infinitely far away. Visualize that distance. Immediately, you shall be in touch with your soul. As I have suggested, it is important to talk to your soul.”

“Explain that again. Why do I need to talk to my soul?” Hunter asked.

“Because your soul always tells the truth. Your soul does not spend time thinking, it acts instantly. Your soul knows what is best for you. You never get in trouble listening to your soul.”

“It sounds like I can’t trust my mind anymore.”

Hunter stared at the sage.

The Great Wayne by Mel Wayne

“There is truth to your statement. This is because your soul exists in the now. This moment. Your mind cannot handle the reality of the moment, it judges the moment thinking of past events. These judgments cause you to act differently. Judgment prevents you from thinking straight. You think too much and overreact.”

Hunter grinned. “Is that why I second guess myself all the time?”

The sage nodded.

Hunter looked at Eve and knew he had to get in touch with his soul.

Atlas of Millennium by Mel Wayne

Atlas of Millennium by Mel Wayne

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