World of Self – Quantum Physics

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, told Hunter about the World of Self.

“All of us, everything, is a vibrating mass of pure energy and we are interconnected to all other things in the universe. We are one. We call this the World of Self. You, your Self, exists in everyone else, and they exist in you. We are all one world, one universe, one energy. We all live in a World of Self, inseparable from one another.”


“Why haven’t I heard all this before?” Hunter asked, staring out across the crater.

“When I speak of the World of Self, it is a realm where everything, every thing, is interconnected. I am you and you are me and we are all together means all the Worlds of Self are one. One world; therefore, we must all live as one.”

Morph grinned. “I speak of both the seen, the physical, and the unseen, the metaphysical. Unfortunately, your teachers, your parents, most humans, lack the awareness to share such valuable information. Sadly, they believe it is not important to know. This is why you were never taught this universal concept. I believe you refer to these universal truths as quantum physics on your planet.”

Hunter questioned Metamorphosis about life and death.

“Life and death are identical. The real you is not part of this world, or Earth, or any planet in the universe. You are not solid or permanent, you are ever-changing. The cells of your body are replaced every seven Earth years. The atoms that comprise your body are billions of years old and have billions of years of life left in them. In effect, you shall live for eons. The real you is formless and invisible. Death is the nature of our reality. Soon, you shall realize that you have not been learning how to live, you have been learning how to die.”

Hunter lowered his eyebrows in frustration.

“My son, live the mystery. All things, including your body, came from a formless energy field, an ocean of timelessness, and shall return to the nothingness. Everything returns to its Source, the Invisible Life Force.”

“But…I’m concerned about…”

“What is your concern, my son?”

“That I’ll die young.”

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