The Voice Within Us

GIRL IN TWO WORLDSExcerpt from Chapter 11 – Girl In Two Worlds

Julia Wainright listens to Nyx explain the power of thoughts.

“Astral body travel is quite simple,” Nyx said. “Between Earth and Millennium, the Astral Highway allows molecular to occur. Molecular cloning results in astral body transportation, also known as teleportation, all within the 11th dimension at the speed of thought.”

Scratching my right temple, I mumbled, “I think I read about that in Daddy’s report.”

Nyx grinned. “It is time to expand your mind. I ask you to imagine you are in two different places at this moment. After visualizing it, believe it, because it is reality. After all, believing is Seeing. At this very moment in time you sleep on Earth, a deep sleep. And, you sit here with me. Your astral journey from Earth to Millennium involved actual molecular travel. Your body’s atoms and DNA, every cell in your body, traveled the Astral Highway and went through reconstruction, perfect re-assembly, here on Millennium. The teleportation included your sacred gold Triamulet. The molecular cloning created the exact you, not a replica, but you. There now exists two of you.”

Understanding the concept of cloning, having two identical bodies, I nodded and remained silent.


“But there is something more important than your physical self that traveled the Astral Highway.”

Nyx paused. “Can you guess what that might be?”

Thinking for a moment, I shook my head, no.

“Your thoughts. Your spirit. Your soul. The divine spark that makes you who you are. Although your body on Earth is alive and breathing, it no longer houses the personal energy of your thoughts. Your dormant body no longer contains your soul, that which sits in the center and knows.”

She raised her furry eyebrows. “Am I making sense?”

“I think so.”

“Allow me to clarify. We are what we think. When we talk to ourselves, the voice inside our head determines exactly who we are and how we behave. Thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe. Pure energy, they are more powerful than electricity. They last forever. Think of your thought waves as a radio transmitter that sends out a signal, your personal energy.

“Each of us, every creature in the universe, possesses signals, wave patterns, that radiate in all directions from the center of our being. Our personal energy transmits signals, energy waves that transmit out and into the vast cosmos. We call this energy the music of the universe. We all hear it, if we listen.”


She paused and asked me, “Do you hear your own thoughts? Your self-talk? That voice in your head?”

Nodding, yes, I listened to myself think—the voice within me. I never realized my thoughts could be so incredibly powerful.

“Think of this energy as the invisible intelligence flowing through everything and between every creature. For instance, right now, your thought waves and mine meet exactly midway between us. Do you feel the energy filling the air between us?”

I closed my eyes. “Now that you describe it that way, yes, I do feel it.”

Nyx nodded her head in approval.

“Think of all the air, the space in the universe, as a matrix, a vibrating grid filled with this personal energy. It affects everything. The energy field of the universal grid constantly shifts, changes, just as your own personal thoughts, feelings, moods and behavior continually change. I believe you Earthlings refer to this phenomenon of the thought matrix as collective consciousness. It affects every event on your planet. Everyone, every thing in the universe, emits energy in every direction.”


She smiled and held up one index finger. “The first Secret of the Universe, the first Universal Truth is, ‘Like attracts like.’ This means, like thoughts attract like thoughts throughout the universe. Good attracts good, bad attracts bad. This is the universal Law of Attraction.”

I nodded, thinking of how Jeremy and I were alike.

“Your sleeping body on Earth is perfectly healthy, physically, but has no spirit. No soul. Your two bodies are chemically connected through space and time, but not spiritually.”

“I’m trying to understand. All I know is, I feel exactly the same, like I just woke up.”

Nyx raised her hand to prevent me from interrupting.

“I have good news as it relates to molecular cloning. You are a girl. You have female energy. This feminine power allows your spirit to return back to your Earth body during Dreamtime.




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