The Highest Choice


Nyx and I stand in the center of the sacred platform.

She touches my shoulder and tells me, “You have made the highest choice, Princess Julia.”

Raising my eyebrows, I ask, “Morph talked about making the highest choice. What exactly does that mean? How do I really know when I’ve made the right decision?”

“Allow me to enlighten you,” Nyx says, wiggling her whiskers.

“Making the highest choice is about opposites. These opposites create the great primal paradox.”

“Paradox?” I ask.

Nyx’s blue-green eyes sparkle as she says, “True words appear paradoxical. When confronted with a choice, that choice always involves opposites.”

“Do you mean right or wrong? Good and evil?”

“Exactly. I offer you the answer to your dilemma. When faced with a choice or question involving two opposites, always choose the natural path, the truth. And if you are not certain, always err on the side of compassion. Love.”

“How do I do that?”

“Rather than being forceful, be humble. Rather than grasping, let go. Rather than being rigid, be flexible. Rather than taking action, take no action. Be patient and do nothing.”

“That’s it? The best action is non action?”

“Yes. I suggest you live the elusive paradox. Whatever you have been conditioned to believe, I ask you to consider the exact opposite view. When you think another person is wrong and do not agree with them, hold your tongue and be silent. Never argue again.”

“That’s the answer to solving all my problems?”

“There are no problems, only solutions. I suggest you embrace every problem as an opportunity for growth.”


“I think I understand.”

“Begin looking for the opposites in everything. Stop choosing one over the other. This shall keep you from being upset and arguing and worrying about whether you are right or wrong.”

“I’ll try the primal paradox when I get home.”

Nyx grins. “I shall share my favorite paradox with you. ‘Fulfill the needs of others and your own needs shall be fulfilled. Rather than putting yourself first, put yourself last, and you shall end up ahead.’”

“I like that one.”

“I thought you would. This is because your purpose on Earth is to help others. Based on this highest of all choices, your life shall be blessed with endless bliss and contentment. As Morph reminds us, ‘The greatest virtue is to act without a sense of self. The greatest kindness is to give without consideration.’”

“Now I understand how to make the highest choice.”

“Wonderful,” says Nyx, smiling. “Anything else on your mind?”

“I’m going to be a sage like you someday.”

“We all need a purpose in life. Your choice is a wise and noble one.”

“When I return home, is it really possible for me to make a difference, change the world?”

“All things are possible.”



“Just imagine all the possible possibilities. Your desire to change your world is but one choice, one, of the endless choices. Change your thoughts and the world changes with you. Miracles happen every moment in the universe. When you return home, be in the awe of the miracles around you. When you stop and observe, when you live in the moment, you shall see the miracles.”

Contemplating her words, I grab my Crystal Triamulet hanging from the gold chain around my neck and ask, “What must I do to get home?”

“Simply lie here, close your eyes and go to sleep. You shall awaken on Earth.”

“Will you stay here with me?”

“I shall wait with Gog in the skiff.”

“What happens to this body when my soul returns to Earth?”

“We take your Millennium body on the Skipbladnir to the sacred Place of Emergence, a cave leading to the Underworld of Answers. Your body remains there in a perfect, ageless condition, awaiting the return of your soul.”

“What if I never come back here?”

“Your Millennium body dies when your Earth body perishes. Only your soul survives.”


“And if I decide to return here sometime in the future?”

“Then, your Earth body dies when your Millennium body perishes.”

“That means I would be in a coma for decades on Earth!”

“Exactly. This is why many Earthlings leave early. They do not want to return home and find their parents and brothers and sisters and friends long gone. Dead.”

“When you take this Millennium body to the cave in the Underworld, is my father’s body there?”

“Yes, as is Professor Van Campbell’s and all the other Earth visitors.”

Rubbing my Triamulet between my fingers, I contemplate the sage’s explanation of being in two bodies on two planets, one alive and one in a coma.


I try to imagine this body lying next to my father’s body in a cave in the Underworld of Answers.


Girl In Two Worlds FLIPBOOK

Girl In Two Worlds FLIPBOOK

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