Curse of the Universe


Nyx explained that the Emotional Virus came from a fragment from the Star of Evil.

“After the infected asteroid collided with Millennium,” she said, “the Dark Plague—Curse of the Universe, spread across the land. Prior to that cataclysmic event, our planet enjoyed an enlightened society, abiding by the Universal Truths.

“After the catastrophic collision formed the Crater of Chaos, primitive tribes of  dysfunctional Extractors emerged from the crater. Wars broke out. Disease and famine crept across the kingdoms of Millennium.

“Soon, our disease-free planet experienced major outbreaks of the Emotional Virus. The deadly virus infected the thoughts of healthy creatures, inflating their egos, causing them to think selfishly, of only themselves and no one else. These powerful, egocentric thoughts turned them into greedy, self-centered beings. Extractors.


 “Primitive civilizations with dysfunctional, ego-crazed creatures spread throughout our eight kingdoms, and much faster than we anticipated. Many Millennians, peaceful and non-violent, were enslaved by the greedy and power-hungry Extractors, carriers of the Emotional Virus. The epidemic spread. Even the gods and goddesses became infected.”

Wiping my mouth with a white napkin, I asked, “Is this thought virus is on Earth?”

Nyx nodded her head, yes.

My mind searched for an explanation.

I had to admit, many of the Extractor descriptions I had read about in the Magnum Opus reminded me of people I knew back home. Some very close to me.


It made me uncomfortable knowing that humans on Earth suffered from an Emotional Virus, a contagious disease. The Utopian told me the virus had been an epidemic on Earth since the beginning of civilization. Pandemic, was the word she used.

Nyx stood and said, “We have talked enough for this evening. You must get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s journey.”

“But I have more questions,” I said, standing with the Utopian.

“I shall enlighten you tomorrow, Daynight of the Boar,” she said, stepping to the chamber door. “The gryphon leaves for Escalot at daybreak. Please, get some sleep.”

Frustrated with her response, I half-grinned and bid her, “Good daynight,” as they say on Millennium.

Nyx closed the iron door.


Lying on the mustard-yellow bed that reminded me of that Van Gogh painting, I rubbed my Triamulet between my fingers, staring out the lone window. I swear the sky reminded me of Starry Night with all the swirling rivers of sparkling stars.

As you can imagine, all I could think about was seeing my twin brother—making sure Hunter came home.

I haven’t seen him for a year. I wonder what he looks like? He’s probably changed. It sounds like Hunter’s madly in love with this Eve girl. He’s willing to die for her. How am I going to convince my brother to come home if he’s obsessed with Eve? Hunter was always so stubborn, just like Daddy.

Gazing out into the black Millennium sky, the pulsating sea of shining white stars became blurry as I closed my weary eyes.

I don’t remember falling asleep.



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