I finished my elixir porridge and grabbed a slice of ambrosia.

I asked Nyx to explain the Extractors, the ones I saw in the Magnum Opus.

“Allow me to expand your knowledge of the dark forces, the Extractors,” Nyx said, taking a deep breath.

“Ex, the Master Extractor, also known as the Invisible Villain, is the one creature who strikes the most fear in the hearts and minds of Millennians. Before his arrival, the most negative of emotions, fear, did not exist on this planet. Ex and his Extractors suffer from an Emotional Virus. Infected and highly contagious, they continue to spread the Dark Plague—Curse of the Universe, throughout the eight kingdoms.”

“Is that the virus that Daddy described in his Planet Millennium Report?”

“Patience, young lady,” Nyx said. “Allow me to focus on Ex. Then we shall discuss the virus.”

I nodded, swallowing my last piece of ambrosia as Nyx continued her explanation.

“Unfortunately, Ex and his whereabouts remain a mystery. Defeating the one who moves as a shadow is a challenge that has alluded us all. A millennia has passed since the Invisible Villain’s appearance and no one, not even we Utopians, have been able to stop his reign of terror, fear and chaos. His underground fortress, the City of Dis, lies in the Realm of Utmost Darkness. From the bowels of Millennium, Ex rules over his legions of Extractors.”


I raised my hand. “Why is Ex so difficult to defeat?”

Nyx sipped amrita from her mug. “Try to imagine dealing with an evil creature no one can see. Ex exhibits two devastating powers, invisibility and flight. To remain invisible, Ex wears the Helmet of Darkness. Also known as the winged Cap of Invisibility, someone stole the dog-skin helmet from the god Hades, ruler of Avernus. Soon after that, the fabled Feathered Cloak was pillaged from Asgard. Guarded faithfully by Fenris the Wolf, no one knows how the cloak turned up missing.”

The Utopian wrinkled her nose. “The creature wearing the falcon-feathered cloak, a magical garment, can fly. Ex has both the Cap and the Cloak, making him seem invincible.”


“We know he is mortal. We have discovered that he avoids Metamorphosis. The pulsating rays, astral glow from the crystal ball on Morph’s scepter, Joyease, has a negative effect on the Invisible Villain.”

“So, can he be defeated?”


“Yes. But until we stop him, Ex and his Extractors continue to reek havoc and destruction throughout the eight kingdoms. Their sole purpose is to destroy the Eight Great Treasures, Octilogy, so that the Great Way, the Source, is lost forever. In the mean time, the diseased creatures continue to infect others with the Emotional Virus.”

Raising my hands in the air, I asked, “Where does the virus come from?”




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