Time Island During that second week of May, my thoughts were torn between Jeremy and the Triamulet.

Between love and the unknown.

Between my first kiss and seeing far-away lands.

Instead of doing my homework that week, I’d leave my unfinished assignments in my school backpack and call Jeremy.

I didn’t have to sneak downstairs to make a call.

Guess why.


Finally got my own telephone!

My father talked my mother into buying me a cordless phone for my bedroom.

So what if it wasn’t a cell phone. Didn’t care, as long as I could call Jeremy.

Having our prom night to look forward to, each phone call got better and better, more intimate. The anticipation of going on a date and kissing a boy gave me goose bumps.

One night, I found the courage to tell Jeremy I loved him.

Saying the words was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I said them without thinking. It felt so natural to say, “I love you.”

Although completely lovesick—consumed with visions of Jeremy—something more powerful had overwhelmed me.

The irresistible Triamulet.


The gold necklace had cast its spell on me.

My mind never stopped thinking of the sacred medallion that held such mystery, that promised such high adventure.

Each night after I talked to Jeremy, I turned off my night-stand lamp.

Lying in the dark, I listened to make sure the family was asleep.

I had hidden a key under my mattress.

The key opened my jewelry box.

Daddy gave me the gift on my fifteenth birthday. The hand-crafted miniature chest also played music.

Maybe I should call it a music box.

The fairy-tale song that came with it, When You Wish Upon A Star, happened to be old fashioned, but I learned to love the melody while the movement turned and the enchanted music danced around my bedroom.

What’s that movie where the cute little cricket sang that song?

My hands trembled as I turned the key in the lock and lifted the lid of the chest.

The Triamulet laid hidden under the purple velvet tray that covered the gold musical movement.


Carefully lifting the shiny Triamulet from the velvet lining, I tiptoed to my bay window and studied the sacred necklace under the starlight.

Never, never had I seen anything so captivating.

I crawled back into bed with one of my favorite novels.

Not to read, but to use the battery-powered book light.

Laying the necklace across the open pages, I admired the Triamulet’s radiance as the tiny light shined on the magic medallion.

The divine beauty of the gold talisman wasn’t the only thing that intrigued me. I’d been captivated by the awesome power the sacred amulet possessed.

Distracted, I tried to read The Golden Compass, but how could I finish the book when my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts of Millennium?

I stared at the divine Triamulet, sensing my destiny.

Across the room, my powder-blue prom dress hung proudly on the closet door hook, beckoning me to try her on.

Dear God, I thought, I’m going to miss the dance on Friday night. That’s only three days away. What will Jeremy think? Maybe I should have told him about my plans so he doesn’t worry. I haven’t been honest with him.

My heart pounded in my chest.

Have you ever felt light-headed when your mind becomes filled with too many ideas?

My head spun with a barrage of thoughts: How is Momma going to care for Hunter if I leave? Who’s going to watch the babies when I’m gone?

What will Jeremy think of my decision? Maybe I can return home soon enough for my prom. With the time difference, I’m not sure if that’s possible.

I hope Daddy doesn’t discover the Triamulet missing. What will I say if he asks me about it?

Breathing deeply, I gazed out the bay window at the river of stars drifting across the night sky.


What if I go to Planet Millennium and I can’t get back? I wonder what it feels like to be in two different bodies? Will I feel my Earth body when I’m on Millennium?

I wonder if Hunter’s comatose body can see me? What if I can’t find my brother if I travel to Millennium? Momma is going to freak out when she sees me in a coma.

With my mind spinning with thoughts of the unknown, I stared at the Triamulet. While I held the triangular-shaped medallion and felt its incredible power, I agonized over making the right decision.

The choice of a lifetime. VULCAN IN DUNGEON OF FIRE


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