Sage of the Ages

HUNTER WAINRIGHT - THE WAY Greetings, I am Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages. You may call me Morph. Since all things happen in perfect order, the arrival of this blog in your life is no exception. Your visit here is timely. Why else would you be reading my words of wisdom at this exact moment in time?

Just as I taught all the great Masters and the Prophets of your Planet Earth, I shall reveal the ten Secrets of Time & Space—the Universal Truths. You shall soon to discover who you truly are by learning life-changing philosophical concepts that reveal insights into the Power of Thought; Living In The Moment; The Law of Attraction; Love and Esteem; Government; the Time-Space Continuum; Death; and Immortality. I invite you to enter a  new world—the World of Self. 

Based on your human intelligence, the best method for revealing my universal wisdom is to share some of the philosophical conversations I enjoyed with Hunter Wainright, visitor from Earth. On the Daynight of the Crab, Year of the Dragon, 9001 A.E., I had the pleasure of meeting Hunter. As my esteemed guest on Millennium, Land of the Eight Great Treasures, the young man asked me insightful questions about human nature; that is, “Why do people behave the way they do?” “Why are the citizens of Earth in such social and economic turmoil?” “Why do humans act so unhappy?”


As written and memorialized in the Earthly book, Hunter Wainright: The Way, I believe my answers to Hunter’s questions shall help you begin your quest for a life filled with happiness. Indeed, the bliss of eternity is found in your contentment.

Just as Hunter experienced change during his epic journey, you are about to experience a life-changing event, an epiphany of the highest magnitude—that change is possible. Your epiphany shall allow you to change the way you think, and therefore, change your life forever.

Your quest for health, wealth, and happiness begins now, at this exact moment in time, with your decision to read my motivational dialogue filled with eternal wisdom.


Just as Hunter learned during his Open Road adventure on the Great Way, the secret to your success—to discover who you truly are—lies in your ability to overcome the wrath of the Extractors, Villains of Low Self-Esteem.

These carriers of the deadly Emotional Virus—The Dark Essence—shall stop at nothing to destroy Octilogy, the Eight Great Treasures. The life treasures are: awareness, health, wealth, honesty, happiness, love, knowledge, and wisdom.

Enjoy your odyssey of self-discovery as you join young Hunter in his quest to find the highest truth.

With all my love, all ways and for all time, 

Morph, Sage of the Ages


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