Thoughts Never Die…Never!


Planet Millennium

Planet Millennium

Metamorphosis explains human thought to Hunter Wainright.

“Nothing occurs in your life, no thing, which is not first a thought. Thoughts are your life magnets, drawing positive or negative effects to you. Our thoughts never die, even when we cease to be. All that is and ever was is but a thought away. When a thought, good or bad, crosses your mind, it creates vibrations that travel around the world and then out into space, into the universe.

“Thoughts travel faster than light, infinite speed, entering the minds of others and producing similar thoughts. For instance, a creature with hateful, jealous or violent thoughts sends out those negative vibrations, which in turn, enter the minds of millions of other creatures, stirring up the same negative thoughts. Good thoughts help others, bad thoughts harm others. It is that simple.”

The sage grinned. “Thoughts change the world. They can work wonders. Heal the sick, cure depression, create miracles. When your thoughts are noble, loving thoughts, their vibrations enter all sympathetic minds. They send out similar thought vibrations, resulting in pure love.”

Hunter sipped amrita from his water bag as a blazing comet with a streaming white tail streaked across the black sky.

Planet Millennium

“Thoughts create this world, every world. Thought brings everything, every thing, into existence. Thoughts are like objects. Just as you can hand Eve an apple, you can also hand her your powerful thoughts. And guess what?”


“Without speaking, she can hand those same powerful thoughts right back to you. This is, in fact, telepathic in nature.”

Hunter looked at Eve and grinned.

She nodded her head at the wise sage.

“Thoughts pass between and among all creatures. A creature of powerful thoughts can influence a creature of weak thoughts. When you learn to control your thoughts, you shall become as one with the Source, and the universe. As the greatest force in the universe, thoughts are the most powerful weapon in the armor of a Utopian.”

Planet Millennium

“Powerful weapons?”

“This is why you must be careful with your thoughts, my son. Every thought you think always comes back to you. If you send hateful thoughts, hate shall come back to you. When you think and send loving thoughts, love shall come back to you. This brings me to the fifth Secret of Time & Space.”

“The fifth?” Hunter asked.

“Do you remember the four Secrets I have bestowed upon you so far?”

Hunter felt his expression change when he tried to recall the first Secret of Time & Space and he could not.

“Hunter, they are easy to remember,” Eve said. “One, ‘Like attracts like.’ Two, ‘Nothing happens by accident.’ Three, ‘Thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe.’ Four, ‘All things happen in perfect order.’”

“Yeah, maybe for you they’re easy,” Hunter said, frowning, realizing the Epiphanite made him look stupid again.

“Do not worry, my son, you shall soon learn, and live, the ten Secrets, the Universal Laws.”

The fire cast shadows on the sage’s face while gusts of wind whipped more red sparks into the night sky.

“The fifth Secret of Time & Space is, ‘You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.’”

Hunter glanced at Eve and said, “I get it. Whether my thoughts are negative or positive, they will come true.”

Planet Millennium

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