Esteem: Discover Who You Are


Open Road - The Great Way

Open Road - The Great Way

Esteem is about change. The only way to change is by experiencing an epiphany. The only way to experience an epiphany is by changing your thoughts. Changing your thoughts means changing that chatter in your head—that self-talk that creates your reality. Every person talks to themselves.

Listen. You can hear that voice in your head right now!

You average approximately one thought every second, that is about sixty thoughts per minute and 3,600 thoughts per hour. You average around 50,000+ thoughts per day.

Every waking moment, your thoughts are running wild. Unfortunately, the majority—over 90%—are negative thoughts. You are “programmed” or “hard-wired” for negativity. You have what is known as negativity bias. You have an inborn tendency to think negative thoughts more deeply than positive thoughts.

Before you learn to change your thoughts, it is important to learn that thoughts have tremendous power. They are more powerful than electricity. Thought vibrations are the greatest force in the universe. Thoughts are pure energy, lasting forever.

Forever is happening right now. All thoughts transmit an energy; this energy is known as thought force. Not just deep thoughts, all your thoughts. These include your inner dialogue, the constant voice in your head. From the center of your self, your inner being, a pulsating energy source transmits a signal throughout the universe. All humans have this inner signal. Not just humans, but everything, every physical thing.

 Open Road - The Great Way

All plants and animals and rocks and creatures in the universe emit a vibration of energy waves in a 360º circle.

The energy waves begin inside your body and move through space and time into the infinite universe and the energy keeps going, forever. Every single thought you have ever had never dies.

Thoughts are pure energy; they last forever. Once your thought energy leaves your body it begins its journey, outward into the vast universe, traveling forever.

Thoughts know no distance and never perish. Thoughts comprise the most irresistible living force in the universe. As living things, they have substance—shape, form and color.

Your thoughts travel faster than light. Light travels at 186,000 miles per second; however, thoughts travel in no time—infinite speed. Thoughts travel by ethereal vibrations.

Ether is the medium that transmits light, electricity and heat, among other things. Think of it as the air itself, the ether of space. Ether is also the medium through which your thoughts travel through space and time—like a glowing candle sending out ethereal vibrations of light and heat waves in all directions.

You are surrounded by a universal sea of thoughts. You absorb some, and reject some. Thoughts are transmitted from human to human, creating a universal World of Thought.

 A tremendous power is generated from this interwoven matrix of energy vibrations throughout the universe. As you change your thoughts, the ethereal air around you also changes.

Open Road - The Great Way

You affect everyone around you. The closer you are to another person’s energy source, the greater the complexity of intertwined emotions. Your energy is measurable. It is physical. Other people feel your vibrations, right now. Imagine how complex and dynamic the energy grid becomes when more than two people gather in a group. Imagine all that inner energy, all those signals bouncing off each other. The air fills with incredible vibrations.

The exchange of energy is so complex that it continually affects all things, from two people, to an entire room, to the entire world, to the entire universe.

The energy waves become signals of attraction—like attracts like. This is the powerful Law of Attraction, in action.

The manifestation of your inner energy and thoughts create physical objects and directly changes events and circumstances. The energy exchange is in constant motion. It never stops. It is happening right now between you and every person around you.

Open Road - The Great Way

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