Emotional Virus



Emotional illness, often described as dysfunctional and egocentric behavior, is the result of suffering from low self-esteem, not the reverse. Stating, “I have low self-esteem because I am depressed” is incorrect. The correct statement is, “I am depressed because I have low self-esteem!” Therefore, by eliminating low self-esteem, you eliminate depression and all your other bad habits, addictions, and egotistical behaviors.

The elimination of low self-image will cure all personality disorders, including anger, impatience, violence, hatred, revenge, anxiety, loneliness, envy, jealousy, greed, racism, eating disorders, alcohol and drug abuse, dishonesty, guilt, and depression—just to name a few.

When humans acquire a higher self-image, violence and war will end. Hatred and jealousy will cease to exist. Societies will function in a state of peace and cooperation. A collective consciousness of positive thoughts—high self-esteem—provides the foundation for a society of loving, compassionate citizens.



How will you know if you suffer from low self-esteem? What are the signs that you have been infected with the Emotional Virus, known throughout the universe as the Dark Essence?

You must identify what low self-esteem looks like and acts like. You must recognize the disease symptoms. By identifying low self-esteem— egotistical behavior—you will know if you are infected with the Emotional Virus, and if the people around you are infected. To acquire freedom within, you must be able to identify all the low self-esteem behaviors and eliminate them, one by one, from your life. You must change your thinking.

Change your thinking means: eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts—affirmations. The reward is inner peace. Freedom within.



People describe an epiphany as “a bright light turning on inside their heads”. Often described as the “ahha” moment, you will know this feeling when it happens.

Your transformation, your inner change, begins with an epiphany. The epiphany unlocks your mind to the possibility of change. Without an epiphany, change in your life will never happen.

A life-changing event is about to happen to you, an epiphany of the highest magnitude.

As you boldly begin your quest for personal freedom—freedom within—your willingness to change rewards you with life’s greatest treasures. You are about to discover the highest truth—that change is possible.



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