Identify Low Self-Esteem Characters


It is time for you to meet those familiar low self-esteem characters you encounter every day of your life—at home, at work, at play, and in personal relationships.

You will learn how they behave, before you learn why they behave as they do. Low self-esteem personalities are: The Intimidator, The Impatient Hothead, The Power Fanatic, The Sarcastic Assassin, The Depressant, The Oversensitive Soul, The Coward, The Hypocrite Liar, The Compulsive Addict, The Co-Dependent, The Unfriendly Phony, The Procrastinator, The Miserable Miser, The Show Off Braggart, The Unethical Trickster, The Stressaholic, The Gossip Monger, The Talkaholic, The Spoiled Brat, The Conceited Looker, The Pessimist, The Prankster, The Arguing Sorehead, The Unforgiving Avenger, The Unfaithful Lover, The Rebel Outlaw, The Moody Maniac , The Angry Bigot, and The Extractor.


The Intimidator

These Controlling Characters are the domineering physical Bullies who get in your face and resort to physical violence to get their way. Preying on smaller and weaker foe, these Bullies specialize in the physical threat, obscene gesture, or scare tactic before their opponent “gets the upper hand”.

How do Intimidators function in society?

At home, Pushy Individuals are over-bearing and rule with an iron fist, unwilling to bend or compromise.

During school, Bullies choose off and intimidate everyone in the schoolyard.

At work, Ruffians order coworkers around. If they are the boss, these Dominators threaten employees with demotions and terminations as part of the daily work routine.

At play, Brutes wipe out their opponents, determined to beat their adversary at any cost.

At personal relationships, Intimidators rule the nest by harassing their timid partner into fear and emotional submission with violent threats followed by degrading put downs.

   The Impatient Hothead

These Volatile Characters are angry and upset about everything, finding any excuse to yell and scream at family members, friends, relatives, coworkers and any unfortunate strangers who cross their path. These angry Loudmouths are incredibly short-tempered and easily provoked. They are extremely impatient, unwilling to wait for anything. They specialize in appearing calm but may explode into an uncontrollable rage without warning.

How do Impatient Hotheads function in society?

At home, Yellers are unpredictable and shout about the least little incident.

At work, Screamers recklessly raise their voices at coworkers, overreacting to mistakes.

At play, Time Bombs yell insults and obscenities, especially when they are losing or not getting their way.

At personal relationships, Impatient Hotheads cause their ill-at-ease partner to live in constant fear of being harassed, yelled at and screamed at—a fearful, one-sided relationship of emotional unrest.


The Power Fanatic

These tyrannical Slave Drivers are obsessed with total power and control—craving money, cars and real estate at the expense of others. Dictators believe the oppression of people equals success. Overachievers, unable to enjoy accomplishments, set unrealistically high standards, resulting in their persistent need to prove themselves. Envious of others, the more they get—the more they want.

How do Power Fanatics function in society?

At home, Perfectionists demand having things done their way, and only their way.

At work, Controllers bark orders and call the shots, methodically plotting the overthrow of others to gain position and wealth—power.

At play, Tyrants are too serious, becoming emotionally devastated when losing.

At personal relationships, Power Fanatics relentlessly pursue their “prey” and once captured, their tormented partner is treated (mistreated) as a worldly possession—object.


The Sarcastic Assassin

These Put Down Artists hurt your feelings. Bad Mouthers avoid physical confrontations, making you feel small and embarrassing you before you become a threat. Disguising cruel comments as friendly jokes and sarcastic statements, they complete each personal assault—put down—with, “Just Kidding!”

How do Sarcastic Assassins function in society?

At home, Ridiculers make one put down after the other.

No one escapes their wrath.

At work, Put Down Specialists are verbally brutal, making others feel small or embarrassed, then, laughing it off as a joke.

At play, Sultans of Smack taunt and jeer opponents into total submission.

At personal relationships, Sarcastic Assassins are so busy making fun of everyone else, they rarely notice their neglected partner. These Taunters are living proof that the tongue is mightier than the sword. 



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