Every human cell has intelligence

Hunter Wainright:The Way

“Every single cell in your body is endowed with intelligence. Every thought you have is conveyed directly to your cells, reacting to your present state of mind. When you are confused or depressed, your thoughts transmit a negative message throughout your nervous system to every cell in your body. Your cells become weak; they can no longer function properly. You soon suffer from physical weakness and diseases. Your intelligent cells, experiencing unhappiness and hopelessness, produce inharmonious vibrations. The mind of each intelligent cell fills with fear and anxiety.”

Galar leaned against the cave wall, puffing on his dragon-bowl pipe. The smell of tobacco in the cave air reminded him of his father’s cigars. Idun sat next to him, whittling a piece of wood with her hunting knife.

Morph signaled to Galar, bring more water.

“If just one thought cell in your brain becomes infected with the emotional cancer, it spreads to all the other thought cells and eventually your entire thought process is destroyed. You die emotionally. Your cancerous emotions eventually kill your physical body. Mental health is more important than physical health. Intelligent beings produce powerful chemicals based on thoughts alone.”

“Chemicals? Like adrenaline?”

“Adrenaline is one. Our glands secrete chemical messages. I shall not name all the various hormones, they are unimportant for our discussion. The reason I mentioned chemicals is that they determine your health and happiness.”

Hunter Wainright:The Way

Morph brought his upper right and left hands together, forming a triangle with his thumbs and index fingers. “I ask you to memorize this mantra.”

Hunter nodded, thinking, I’ve always been bad at memorizing. I hope I can remember what he’s about to say.

The sage said, “Positive thoughts, release positive chemicals, creating happiness.”

Hunter said, “Positive thoughts. Positive chemicals. Happiness.”

The sage raised his hands and looked at him through the triangle. “A triad. Positive thoughts cause your mind to release positive chemicals, resulting in happiness. It is a cycle. Positive thoughts, to positive chemicals, to happiness. Happiness produces more positive thoughts and the cycle continues. A happy mind results in a happy and healthy body. Unfortunately, unhappiness rules your planet. Negative thinking causes negative chemicals, toxins that attack the body resulting in unhappiness. Unhappiness results in more negative thinking. An endless cycle of misery, depression, and illness.”

“Do you mean sickness?”

“Physical illness is a result of negative thoughts.”

“I hate when I’m sick. Do you ever get sick?”

Morph shook his head, no. “Only when we are sick of our sickness shall we cease to be sick. The sage is not sick but is sick of sickness. This is the secret of health. To think a sick thought is to allow illness to arrive.”

“Then, we make ourselves sick?”

“If you have a happy mind, you shall have a happy body. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body. All your human illnesses and depressions and anxieties and fears come from negative thoughts. In fact, stress does not exist in the universe, only you thinking stressful thoughts.”

Hunter Wainright:The Way

“I’m always stressed out about something. How can I stop thinking negative thoughts?” Hunter asked.

“Ahhh, that is the question I have waited for you to ask.”

Hunter grinned, feeling he had impressed the sage.

“Before I answer your question, please remember that all evil thoughts form a triad of negative energy. First, they harm the thinker. Secondly, they harm the creature being thought about. Third, they harm all creatures by filling the ethereal realm, the air between us all, with negative energy. A triple curse. When you radiate thoughts of revenge, you injure the person to whom you direct the hateful thoughts. It is, in fact, your own suicide, for the revengeful thoughts come back to destroy you. As you humans so wisely say on Earth, ‘What goes around, comes around.’”

Hunter frowned, not sure how to respond.

Morph paused while Galar pushed Idun out the cave entrance. Agitated and shoving each other, the fighting swamp elves had to be separated by the half-orcs.

“To answer your question,” the sage said, “the way to stop your negative thoughts, your stinking thinking, is to catch yourself thinking a negative thought. During your internal conversations, when you talk to yourself and hear yourself think a negative thought, stop, and immediately tell yourself, ‘Stop. I’m not like that,’ or ‘Stop. That’s not like me.’ Then, immediately exchange the bad thought for a positive one. Your life changes that instant. Changing your thoughts changes your life.” 

“What’s a good, positive thought?”

“The best ones are affirmations.”

“I’ve heard of those. What do they sound like?”

Hunter Wainright:The Way

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