The Power of Affirmations


Discordia, Millennium

Discordia, Millennium

Hunter Wainright asked the great sage about affirmations. 

“They come from within. An affirmation is what you believe to be true, now, not in the future. You cannot think, ‘I want happiness,’ you must think, ‘I have happiness.’ ‘I am happy.’ Appropriate affirmations are, ‘It is easy for me to control my emotions.’ ‘All things come into my life at just the right time.’ ‘My present thoughts determine my future.’ ‘I deserve love.’”

Loud, high-pitched voices came from outside the cave. The swamp elves argued, spitting at each other. Balder picked up Idun and Galar by their buckskin collars and carried the yelling swamp elves down the trail, out of sight.

“Please excuse our guides’ behavior,” Morph said, staring at the cave entrance.

Ignoring the ruckus, Hunter asked, “You’re telling me that by saying those phrases, affirmations, my life will change?”

“Absolutely. Affirmations force you to think positive thoughts. You must believe the affirmations to be true. Affirmations are energized messages to the universe. Your positive thoughts become reality. You always get what you think about.”

Kingdom of Pellagus

Kingdom of Pellagus

Morph raised his white eyebrows. “My son, your happiness is a thought away. Freedom is but a thought away. Physical health is just a thought away. Contentment and bliss are a thought away. Another person’s love for you is but a thought away.”

Hunter looked at Eve and blushed. “That sounds too good to be true.”

She lowered her black eye lashes, ignoring me.

Morph wrinkled his forehead. “Does the thought of being constantly happy sound unattainable?”

“How do you know whether I’m happy or not?” Hunter asked.

“I do know.”

“No way, you can’t read my thoughts. Can you?”

Morph pointed at me. “No, but I can read your face, your eyes.”

Hunter glanced at Eve, who stared back at him, irritated.

Moths with gold and purple-spotted wings fluttered around the crackling fire. The silhouettes of unidentifiable night-flying creatures streaked across the three moons.

“What does my face say?” Hunter asked, smirking.

“My son, it is not important that I read your face this evening. I only wish to remind you that every thought a being thinks is instantly etched into their face and can be seen in their eyes. Over the years, negative thoughts, like a chisel on stone, cut grooves in their face. It does not take long for the face to be covered with scars, deep wounds caused by the vicious thoughts of anger, revenge, jealousy, hatred, racism, and fear. These scars tell us the being’s state of mind.”

“I’m not sure if I believe that.”

“Maybe an example shall help. A happy, positive thought brightens the face. Negative thoughts darken the face. All creatures feel opposing energies; they know the difference between a smile and a frown. Facial expressions are true indicators of your inner state of mind. Your face reveals the truth about your thoughts. Your thoughts produce emotions, which in turn produce strong impressions on your face. Your thoughts are not as secretive as you humans imagine.”

Kingdom of Eremus

Kingdom of Eremus

Hunter wondered if his face showed how upset he was at that moment.

“Eyes are the window to the soul. The eyes telegraph messages of hatred and fear, as well as messages of love, peace, and harmony. Learn to read the signs on a face and you can read thoughts.”

Morph grinned. “Whatever creature believes he can hide his thoughts is an innocent fool of the first order.”

Holding up his right hand, he said, “Okay, I’ve heard enough about thoughts. I get it.”

“Get what, my son?”

“That I can change my life by changing my thoughts.”

Kingdom of Harundia

Kingdom of Harundia

“Excellent, well said. As you think, so you become. As within, so without.”

The sage stood and stretched his arms and wings. “I suggest we retire for the evening. Tomorrow, Daynight of the Bear, we must arrive at Ogo Hole by the zenith of the red sky. Pendragon shall meet us there.”

Morph looked at Hunter and said, “Become the knower of the truth, my son.”

The wise sage walked to the edge of the crater trail and sat, motionless, in a full lotus position with his four arms lifted to the night sky. The swirling winds blew his white hair and beard back and forth to the rhythm of the night.

Hunter quietly pulled off his black boots and looked down at his torn, blood-stained blue tunic. He reached inside his backpack for new clothes.

Draping a gold silk tunic over the backpack for the morning, Hunter sat on his bedroll and gazed out into the Millennium night, admiring Fire Falls, the great southern landmark, 450 miles to the east. Her glowing, red-hot lava flowed down the face of the southern crater cliffs.

Morph returned to the cave, laid on his bedroll, and covered himself with his grey wool blanket.

Kingdom of Sallum

Kingdom of Sallum

While the half-orcs stood guard, the group huddled in a circle, enjoying the warmth of the fire. Eve rolled over and pulled her blanket up and over her head. Galar and Idun, finally asleep, snored in opposite rhythms.

Morph’s leather boots sat upright by the fire. The tip of his green tail stuck out from under his grey blanket.

Hunter could not sleep. Thinking about the philosophical discussion on the power of thoughts kept him awake. The curve of Eve’s body under her beige blanket became a distraction.

Restless, he grabbed his artist satchel and pulled his bedroll next to the bright flames. He sharpened the lead of a wooden pencil with his pocket knife and took out a piece of white parchment paper.

Listening to the whistling wind blow past the cave entrance, Hunter moved the pencil across the page. Imagining all the fantastic landscapes and creatures he had encountered so far, he decided to draw Metamorphosis.

Kingdom of Saburra

Kingdom of Saburra

Julia Wainright: Girl In Two Worlds

Julia Wainright: Girl In Two Worlds


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