Positive Thoughts

Artwork from Hunter Wainright: The Way

“While we wait for Pendragon, may I answer any questions?” Metamorphosis asked.

“Last night I tried to think positive thoughts,” Hunter replied, “but my first thoughts were always negative. I’m worried about my family. I couldn’t remember any affirmations.”

“Until you acquire enlightenment, the first thoughts that enter your mind are usually negative. You humans have a term for this, you say, ‘My mind is in a rut.’”

“So, how do I get my mind out of this rut?”

“First, be patient. Change does not happen instantly. Until you learn to stop thinking like that, I have another method besides affirmations that might help. Close your eyes and think of your favorite thing to do.”

Hunter closed his eyes, feeling the cool spray from the waterfall on his face, and thought, Surfing…no…playing guitar…no…drawing…hmmm…I’ll choose surfing.

Nodding, Hunter opened his eyes.

“Now,” the sage said, “think of that word again as the first thought that enters your mind.”

Grinning, Hunter imagined surfing near Monterey Bay.

“How do you feel when you hear that word?”


Artwork from Hunter Wainright: The Way

“Now, close your eyes and see the action of the word in your mind’s eye. Visualize your thoughts.”

Hunter glanced at Eve and closed his eyelids. He’d caught a perfect wave in Hawaii…the weather was gorgeous…all his friends and family were there on the beach…Eve stood on the white sand in a blue bikini and—

“How do you feel?” Morph asked.

“Great,” Hunter replied, opening his eyes.

“This is because your mind, every cell in your body, is enjoying the release of positive chemicals. Most humans experience this euphoria when they hear their favorite song.”

“So, do I just start off every thought with something I like?”

“Close. You must learn to change your thinking. When your first thought is negative, simply change that thought to something positive that you can visualize and feel. Right now, close your eyes and think of something negative that truly bothers you.”

Eve doesn’t like me, was his first thought.

“Now, think the exact opposite thought. A happy thought.”

Eve loves me and wants me.

Hunter nodded with a look of satisfaction on his face.

“Feel that, Hunter? Feel the happiness flowing through you?”

“Yeah, I do. It feels great.”

Artwork from Hunter Wainright: The Way

“The grand feeling you have right now must be remembered and relived in your mind over and over again until it becomes part of you. These grand thoughts are manifestations to the universe. Visualize positive feelings in your mind until you learn to use affirmations. When you make affirmations your mantras, your life shall change.”

“Thanks. Now I know how to get that feeling. You’re right, my thoughts do control my emotions.”

“Once your thoughts become more positive, there is something else you shall learn. Action. You must act your thoughts out. Action is required, not just thoughts. The words are not enough. You must do something about your positive thoughts. Thinking compassionate thoughts are wonderful, but until you treat someone compassionately, your thoughts are nothing but ideas, good ideas, but not yet reality. You must experience the act of compassion to be truly compassionate. Words themselves are ineffective. Do not just think loving and generous thoughts, be loving and generous.”

“I understand,” Hunter said, grinning at Eve.

The Epiphanite looked away, gazing into the cave entrance. The sage put the last handful of dried huckleberries in his mouth and looked up, searching the red sky for his fellow Utopian.

While the great sage chewed his food, he patted him on the back. “Any other questions?”

Artwork from Hunter Wainright: The Way

Artwork from Hunter Wainright: The Way

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