The Concept of Time

Time Island

Time Island

“Time,” Hunter Wainright replied. “On Time Island, you promised to explain time.”

“Ahh, time. An excellent topic.” Metamorphosis, the great sage, swallowed his last mouthful of huckleberries before he began the discussion of time and space.

“What do you recall from our first meeting that took place on Time Island?”

“I remember you saying that there is no such thing as time, that all things are happening right now.”

Morph nodded, yes.

“I don’t understand what that means,” Hunter said.

Time Island

“It is a challenging concept. Allow me to add to your limited understanding of time and space. There is no time but this time, right now. All things exist simultaneously, all events occur at once, in the eternal moment of now. Once you understand and embrace this truth, that you move and not time, your mind shall come to rest, relax, and not worry about yesterday, or tomorrow, or later on. You shall learn to live in the now. Everything that has ever happened, or is going to happen, is actually happening right now. Now! With your limited intelligence, you are not consciously aware of this time warp.”

“I still don’t understand.”

Time Island

“We all move through space at a given rate. When you change the amount of space, or the rate of speed between objects, you alter your perception of time. For instance, your long journey from Earth to here has caused a warp in the time-space continuum. The farther you travel from Earth, the more you have warped space and time. This is why, in regards to relativity, a fifty to one ratio exists between Earth and Millennium. While you age one year here, people age fifty years on Earth.”

Fifty years, Hunter thought, I needed to get home soon or I wouldn’t recognize anyone.

“My apologies, I see I have upset you.”

“I’m not upset. The time loss, the aging difference, is hard to believe.”

“I understand.” Morph patted him on the shoulder and asked him, “Has time ever stood still for you?”

“Hmmm. Time stood still when I almost drowned off Time Island. Underwater, everything looked in slow motion.”

Time Island

“I was hoping you would share a more positive, magnificent experience in your life. Like falling in love.”

Hunter immediately looked at Eve. She lowered her curled, black eyelashes. He looked back at the sage, thinking of a clever response.

“Do not worry, my son. You shall have a life-defining moment and time shall stand still. As you say on Earth, ‘It is only a matter of time.’ Because time is a state of mind, I have another example. Have you noticed that when you do something fun, something you love, have a great time, that time flies by?”

“I know that feeling.”

“And when you do something you dislike, have a miserable time, the time drags on and on and on?”

“I really know that feeling.”

“Remember those feelings and know that time itself is only in your mind. You move, not time.”

Time Island









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