Thoughts: The Most Powerful Force in the Universe



Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, grinned and said to Hunter, “Speaking of thoughts, perhaps we should discuss the power of thought, it shall help you understand your destiny and how you control it.” 

“Tell me about the power of my thoughts,” Hunter said, chewing on a piece of salmon jerky.

“Allow me to enlighten you, my son.”

Morph drank amrita from his leather water bag and began the philosophical discussion.

“As you might recall, I promised to explain the third Secret of Time & Space, that is, ‘Thoughts are the most powerful force in the universe.’ Our thoughts are like radio signals. They send out energy waves, like a transmitter. Thought energy. These signals travel out into the vast universe. Right now, the thoughts we are having meet halfway between us. The air, the space between us, is filled with this thought energy, like a matrix, or grid. Do you feel the energy?”

“Yes, I think I do feel the energy in the air,” Hunter said.

“Thoughts have tremendous power,” Morph said. “They are pure energy, lasting forever. Forever is happening right now. All thoughts transmit an energy; this energy is known as thought force and—”

Hunter interrupted, “My deep thoughts are pure energy?”

“Not just deep thoughts. All your thoughts. These include your inner dialogue, the constant chatter in your head.”


“Yes, your self-talk. All intelligent life forms talk to themselves.”


“I don’t talk to myself. Only crazy people talk to themselves.”

Eve frowned at Hunter and said, “Shhh.”

I motioned to Morph, continue.

“In fact, throughout the universe, primitive beings average one thought every two seconds, that is thirty thoughts per minute and 1,800 thoughts per hour, totaling 43,200 thoughts per daynight. On Earth, human beings have a thought almost every second, and most of the thoughts are negative.”

Hunter could hear himself thinking at that very moment.

“Right now, as I speak, your thoughts are running wild. The more primitive the creature, the more thoughts per minute. The thoughts of primitive beings are quick, scatter-brained and confused, mostly negative. In contrast, enlightened beings average one pure thought per minute. Their positive thoughts are focused, not scattered.”

“Why are human thoughts so negative?” Hunter asked.

“An emotional virus, prevalent in primitive societies, causes negative thinking.”

“But my thoughts aren’t that negative.”

Morph lowered his chin, raised his eyebrows, and grinned.

“Okay, I guess I do talk to myself a lot,” Hunter said. “Maybe some of my thoughts are a little negative.”

“I shall discuss negative thinking in a moment. Allow me to continue with the power of thought.”

“Sorry for interrupting,” Hunter said.

Balder and Lycus stood outside the mouth of the cave guarding the trail while shooting stars blazed across the night sky. The fire crackled, sending orange and yellow sparks into the air. The smell of the fire reminded him of his camping trips to Yosemite National Park with his family.

“Every thought you have ever had never dies,” the sage said. “Thoughts are pure energy; they last forever. Once your thought energy leaves your body it begins its journey outward into the vast cosmos, traveling forever. Thoughts know no distance and never perish.”


“Wow, that’s hard to imagine.”

“Thoughts comprise the most irresistible living force in the universe. As living things, they have substance: shape, form, and color. Your thoughts travel faster than light.”

“Light travels at 186,000 miles per second,” Hunter proudly announced, glancing at Eve.

The Epiphanite remained expressionless.

Morph responded, “Thoughts travel in no time. Infinite speed. Faster than you can say the word. Thoughts travel by ethereal vibrations.”

“Ethereal?” Hunter asked.

“Do you know what ether is?”


“Ether is the medium that transmits light, electricity, and heat, among other things. Think of it as the air itself, the ether of space. Ether is also the medium through which our thoughts travel through space and time. Thoughts are finer than ether. Like a glowing candle sending out ethereal vibrations of light and heat waves in all directions, our minds transmit vibrating thought waves in all directions. We are surrounded by a universal sea of thoughts. We absorb some, and reject some. Thoughts are transmitted from creature to creature, creating a universal World of Thought. Or, as we like to call it here on Millennium, the World of Self.”

“Can my thoughts reach my mom on Earth?”

“They already have, faster that you can say the word.”

“I’ve been thinking about Mom a lot.”

“Good, she feels and senses your thoughts.”

Hunter grinned, watching the campfire’s flickering flames cast shadows on the fissured rock walls. The smell of burning wood reminded him of his fire place at home.


Hunter Wainright: The Way … Ilustrated black and white edition:

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