Wanting: Ever Desiring


Hunter Wainright stared straight ahead at the beach.

“I sense there is something else on your mind, a more important issue, beyond your fear of not attaining your expectations. What is it, my son?” asked Metamorphosis. 

Eve walked the beach, her hair blowing in the breeze.

“Do you think she likes me?” Hunter asked.

The sage chuckled. “Yes, of course she does.”

“I really like her, a lot.”

Morph grinned. “Would you describe your feelings as love?”

Blushing, Hunter glanced at the sage and replied, “I don’t know; I really hadn’t thought about it much.”

“From the look on your face, it appears you have thought about it quite a bit.”

“Okay, yeah,” he said, grinning, “I mean, I think I am in love with her.”

“Excellent. Love is the grandest emotion.”

“She’s so different from the girls on Earth.”

“Yes, Epiphanites have superior intellectual capacity, but often display inferior emotional intelligence.”


“She seems cold. Distant. Kind of rude most of the time.”

“She is not rude, she is just being herself. Do not confuse her inner peace and quiet personality with negative behaviors.”

“Easier said than done. She frustrates me.”

“You have placed expectations on her that she shall never meet. You act frustrated because you believe she should give you constant attention. If she doesn’t acknowledge your every word, you automatically believes she does not like you.”

“Well, isn’t that true?”

“Of course not. She enjoys her solitude, her inner peace. That is an excellent trait. You should try it sometime.”

“You mean, meditation?”

“That is one way to find inner peace.”

The sage drank amrita from his leather water bag, moving his wings back and forth in unison.

“My son, your love for her will only grow. Be patient with her, all things happen in perfect order.”

“Morph, I want her really bad,” Hunter said, staring at Eve walking the beach, throwing pebbles at the crashing waves.

“Want her?”

“I mean, I want her to like me. To love me.”

“Do you remember what we talked about earlier, that your thoughts manifest your destiny?”


“Yeah, I think so.”

“By thinking and saying you want something, anything, gives you exactly that, just wanting.”


“When you think something, the universal Source shall make sure your wish comes true. Your thoughts, your words, shall always become reality.”

“What’s your point?”

“Your thoughts are manifested by the universe. When you think ‘I want,’ that is exactly what the universe hands you in physical reality. So far, your only experience is wanting Eve, not having Eve.”

“Say that again?”

“By saying you want Eve, that is as far as you shall ever get, wanting. The creative power of your thoughts, your very words, bring you exactly what you ask for. Therefore, you shall never have Eve. By wanting her, you are pushing her away from you. The very act of wanting something gets you exactly what you do not want.”

“So, what can I do to change this?”

“Remember our discussion on thought?”

“Change my thoughts and my life changes?”

“Correct. The harder you try, the more resistance you create. Your solution must be to change your thoughts. Stop thinking that way.”

“So, instead of telling myself, ‘I want Eve,’ what do I say?”

“Think and say an affirmation to the universe. ‘Eve likes me,’ or ‘I know Eve is part of my life,’ or ‘Eve loves me.’”

“It’s that easy? Will it really work?”

“Yes. You are your own creator of reality. The power of thought rules the universe. Your happiness is only a thought away. Freedom is only a thought away. Physical health is just a thought away. Eve’s love for you is only a thought away. Bliss is only a thought away. All that is and ever was, is but a thought away.”

Shielding his eyes, Hunter watched the white clouds drift across the blue and red skies. His eyes shifted back to Eve walking on the white sand.

“God, she would make me so happy if she’d just pay more attention to me. I know I could make her happy if she’d let me get close to her.”

“Unfortunately, that is the primitive way of looking at your relationship with her.”


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