Change Is Possible


All things happen in perfect order. The arrival of this book in your life is no exception. You are about to experience a life-changing event, an epiphany of the highest order. You will soon discover that you do have control of your life, that change is possible.

Your quest for inner change begins with an intriguing question. The question is, “What devastating Emotional Virus has infected human thought throughout recorded history, since the dawn of social awareness?”

The awakening answer is: low self-esteem.

You are about to discover that many people you know and love suffer from the emotionally crippling disease (dis-ease) known as low self-esteem, low self-worth, low self-image. Often referred to as “egotistical behavior”, the Emotional Virus has been unintentionally passed from parents to children, generation to generation, since the beginning of civilization. All humans suffer from some form of low self-image.

If you doubt the above statement, think for a moment. Whenever low self-esteem is mentioned, the typical response is, “I don’t have low self-esteem!” The reason people deny it is because they have it and do not know it. Low self-esteem sufferers are not aware of their condition, or they live in denial.


Whenever high self-esteem is mentioned, people exclaim, without hesitation, “Oh, I have high self-esteem!” As you will soon discover during your search for happiness and contentment, the people who possess a healthy self-image never make such statements.

Your quest to discover who you truly are has begun. There is an excellent chance you are already experiencing anxiety, denial, confusion, or anger. After all, you just read that your friends, relatives, coworkers, and life partner—everyone—suffers from some form of an Emotional Virus. Right now, you might be thinking, “Do I, myself, have low self-esteem?” or possibly, “I know I don’t have low self-esteem; this book was written for someone else.” Or, perhaps you feel calm and reassured, realizing you have finally found the answer to why you are so unhappy.

Whatever your reaction, one thing is certain, your desire to become a better person—to change—has brought you to this unique moment in time, to this page in this book—Esteem.

Relax, breathe deeply, and begin the revelation of a lifetime—the self-discovery that you are about to change, that you are going to grow emotionally, that you are going to find contentment. For indeed, the bliss of eternity may be found in your own contentment.


To begin your quest for change, you must determine how you interact with people; that is, how you behave toward others. Based on your own self-image, there are two ways you deal with the people around you:

1. The low self-esteem way.

2. The high self-esteem way.

The low self-esteem way, also known as “taking the low road”, is based on intimidation, manipulation, deception, extortion, arrogance, domination, selfishness, and greed.

One or more persons “win” while all others are “losers”. You will soon discover why “taking the low road” is the behavior many people choose.

The high self-esteem way, “the high road”, is based on the even exchange of what all persons, or parties, desire. The result is fair exchange, give and take, a workable solution, a consensus. Everyone feels satisfied with the results or the outcome. It is always a win-win-win situation.

Dealing with people by always taking “the high road”—living the highest truth—allows you to feel good about yourself. To like your Self is the foundation for your happiness. You must like your Self in order to know who you truly are. Once you truly know your Self, you acquire the most desirable trait anyone can possess, high self-esteem, and you live in a state of contentment. Bliss.



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