Symptoms of the Emotional Virus

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Dysfunctional behavior—low self-esteem—has reached epidemic proportions. What proof exists that the Dark Plague—Curse of the Universe, really exists? Perhaps the best way to uncover the truth is by asking yourself some simple but revealing questions about human behavior, about common personality traits.

Begin with, “Do I, or anyone I know, act or behave angry, impatient, hotheaded, sarcastic, jealous, violent, cruel, hateful, unfriendly, insensitive, vain, greedy, unethical, immoral, rude, inattentive, phony, paranoid, dishonest, co-dependent, obnoxious, indecent, sad, lazy, oversensitive, irresponsible, rebellious, moody, depressed, suicidal, neurotic, revengeful, unforgiving, holier-than-thou, enabling, lustful, selfish, materialistic, or envious?”

If you answered, “No” to the above questions, ask yourself, “Do I, or anyone I know, ever make fun of others, laugh at others’ mistakes, interrupt others, talk only about themselves, argue, constantly complain, scream at a spouse, yell at a child, make obscene gestures, intimidate others, tease others, dwell on the past, mismanage money, procrastinate, sulk, embarrass easily, cheat on income taxes, steal supplies from work, or suffer from fear of failure?”

If you are still answering “No”, how about, “Is anyone I know a liar, gossip, poor listener, braggart, loudmouth, talkaholic, blabbermouth, flirt, cheater, thief, racist, supremacist, workaholic, spendthrift, perfectionist, gambler, drug user, alcoholic, food abuser, sore loser, sociopath, dare devil, party animal, lazy, or reclusive loner?”

If you are still answering “No” to the questions, it is time to read a newspaper, blog, magazine, or watch the nightly news and you will easily identify the following low self-esteem personalities: drug dealers, dictators, terrorists, carjackers, serial killers, child molesters, rapists, arsonists, rioters, shoplifters, con artists, slum lords, and crooked politicians—to name a few.

Time Island

After answering “No” to the questions, people reluctantly admit, “I do get a little impatient and yell at the kids…so what!” or “Maybe I’m guilty of taking home a pencil or paper clips from the office…big deal, it’s only small stuff!” or “When I scream at other drivers on the freeway, I feel better…anyway, they usually deserve it.” You hear statements such as, “I’m just following what my parents taught me and look how good I turned out!” or “So what if I get angry, or jealous, or depressed; it’s normal to feel that way!”

The responses go on—and on—and on. Many people conclude their comments by declaring, “Okay, I admit I have one or two personality traits mentioned on the list, but that doesn’t mean I have low self-esteem.” Another typical response is, “I know low self-esteem people are bad and I’m good; therefore, I can’t have low self-esteem.”

Are these responses right or wrong?

As mentioned earlier, many people will not admit they suffer from low self-esteem. Some individuals are somewhat aware of their disorders, living in a self-denial mode, but the majority of people are simply unaware or uneducated about what low self-esteem really is—what the Emotional Virus looks like.

So back to the question. When an individual admits to yelling at children and then adds, “But that doesn’t mean I suffer from low self-esteem,” is the individual right or wrong? Is the statement correct or incorrect?

To answer now would be untimely and inappropriate, for the path to personal freedom must be traveled cautiously.

Time Island

First, you must find out exactly what low self-esteem acts like and behaves like so you may begin your self-esteem journey—your search for a higher self-image—to discover who you are. It is time for you to meet those familiar low self-esteem characters you encounter every day of your life—at home, at work, at play and in personal relationships.

You must learn how they behave, before you learn why they behave as they do.

The low self-esteem personalities are:


The Intimidator

The Impatient Hothead

The Power Fanatic

The Sarcastic Assassin

The Depressant

The Oversensitive Soul

The Shy Scaredy Cat

The Hypocrite Liar

The Compulsive Addict

The Co-Dependent

The Unfriendly Phony

The Procrastinator

The Miserable Miser

The Show-Off Braggart

The Unethical Trickster

The Stressaholic

The Gossip Monger

The Talkaholic

The Spoiled Brat

The Conceited Looker

The Pessimist

The Prankster

The Arguing Sorehead

The Unforgiving Avenger

The Unfaithful Lover

The Rebel Outlaw

The Moody Maniac

The Angry Bigot



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