Great Minds Think Alike


“Metamorphosis smiled and held up one index finger. “The first secret of the universe is, ‘Like attracts like.’”


“Like thoughts attract like thoughts throughout the vibrational grid of the universal matrix.”


“Good attracts good, bad attracts bad. This is the universal Law of Attraction.”


“Do you mean I’m not a victim of circumstance?” Hunter asked.


The sage grinned.“You are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts are determined by your beliefs.”


“You broadcast these thought waves out into the infinite matrix of energy.”


“Like a radio transmitter.”


“Your thought waves are transformed from the spiritual realm, the invisible, into particles of the visible, material realm.”


“These join with similar energy waves that all vibrate at the same harmonious frequency and collectively join, unite.”


“This union is what you come to see, feel and experience in its pure physical form as your physical world.”


“You create and shape your own life. No one else does it but you. You and your thoughts.”


“By controlling my thoughts, I create my world?” Hunter asked.


“Yes, my son. You create your destiny. Remember, an object cannot exist independently of its observer.”


“The act of observing an object, or an event, or a condition, or a circumstance, causes it to be there.”


“All outcomes are based on our decisions, our choices, and how we observe it.”


“What you think about an object, event, or circumstance…anything, and believe it to be true, determines your life path.”


“The real truth or the perceived reality does not matter. All that matters is what you think and believe to be true.”


“Believe love is hard to come by, and this projected thought energy is transmitted and harmonizes with similar thought waves.”


“These transmute into particles that attract like particles, like attracts like.”


“Your belief that ‘love is hard to come by’ shall materialize into absolute truth.”


Hunter gazed into the sage’s tranquil eyes. “It works the same with money, or health, or success, or anything I believe in?”


“As you think and believe, so shall your life unfold in perfect order.”


“Your level of self-esteem is directly related to the law of attraction.”


“Low energy thoughts attract low energy responses from the universe and from other low-energy beings.”


“High energy thoughts attract high energy responses for the universe and from other high-energy beings.”


“True happiness attracts true happiness. Energy never lies. The universal truth prevails. Do not act happy, be happy.”


“I pray you Earthlings learn this grandest of truths so you may enjoy your existence to the fullest. Live your bliss.”



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