The Highest Truth



“Please, sit here and think it over,” Morph said. “There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must make a life-changing decision. I know you shall choose wisely.”

“Wait.” Hunter frowned. “I’m not sure what to do. I’m confused. Can you give me some advice? You know, some final words of wisdom. Please, Morph, help me.”

“Your request is my command.” The Sage of the Ages tied his purple bandanna around his white hair and looked Hunter in the eyes. “First of all, your arrival here on Millennium has happened at the perfect time. When this experience comes to a finish, you shall know it absolutely. All my messages have arrived in your life at just the right time.”

Hunter Wainright gazed into Morph’s tranquil blue eyes.

“Should you decide to return to Earth, I know you shall live the wisdom I have taught you the past nine daynights. I see in your eyes that you hear the silent music in my words, the music of the cosmos. Practice the ten Secrets of the Universe and your life shall be turned completely upside down and inside out. You shall not recognize your former life, your previous way of thinking. You have discovered the Great Way, the path to happiness. Follow it, my son, and you shall successfully navigate the storms of time and space.”

“Wait, I don’t think you told me the tenth secret.”

“It is only a secret to primitive beings. The tenth Secret of the Universe is, ‘Love teaches all.’”

“That’s easy to remember. It’s a song.”

“Should you decide to return home to your family, embrace love as your mantra. Remain at peace with yourself and do not allow the dark forces, the Extractors on Earth, to affect you in anyway. Remember, you have no enemies; I speak of those who suffer from the low self-esteem Virus. Forgive them; they know not what they do. They have yet to travel the Open Road and learn to live the Great Way.”

Metamorphosis held up a quieting hand.

Fog Harbor

Fog Harbor

“Should you return to Earth, become a great teacher. With calm words and actions, with confident humility, speak grandly so that others feel your love and wisdom, so they follow you down the high road.

“Should you return, do not complain or make excuses for yourself or your government. Change the way things are; be a champion of change. Make a difference by seeking the supreme truth. Live life as a leader.”

Hunter nodded. “I will.”

Morph smiled and placed his upper left hand on the Earthling’s shoulder.

“At the beginning of your journey you asked for the truth. Now that you have been enlightened, I believe you know how to use that wisdom to change your thoughts, and therefore, change others.

“The unenlightened you would kill things without remorse or compassion. Aroundight has blood stains on it; however, I see the compassion in your eyes for all creatures, large and small.

“When I first met you, you seemed afraid. Afraid of God, afraid of your own thoughts. I no longer sense fear in you. As a fearless being, you shall bathe in the warm waters of eternal bliss.

“When I first met you, you wanted to be rich and famous. I believe you now have a different view of wealth, success and happiness.

“When I first met you, you lived your life without purpose. All intelligent life forms have a dharma, a goal, a purpose in the universe. You have discovered your dharma. Now, live it.

“When I first met you, you lived your life in darkness and fear. Having emerged from the darkness, you now embrace the Light. You see the truth in all things.

“When I first met you, you wore shackles and saw shadows on the wall. Now, you see reality.

“When you arrived on Millennium, you were lost; one of the lost people of Earth. Now I feel differently about you. I know you have found yourself, your Self, on this journey.”

Hunter nodded, yes.

Time Island

Time Island

“My teachings are very easy to understand and very easy to practice; yet so few in this universe understand, and so few are able to practice. Those who know me are rare indeed.”

Morph grinned and placed his right upper fist on his chest, over his heart. “I love you, Hunter Wainright. I wish you all the happiness in the universe.”

“I love you too, Metamorphosis.”

Hunter placed his right fist on his chest and tapped his heart.

Morph opened his four arms. “I shall always be here with you. All ways and for all time.”

Opening his arms, Hunter hugged the sage.

“Have a safe journey home, my son.”

Metamorphosis brought his two upper hands together so the thumbs and index fingers touched, forming a triangle. Looking through the triangle, he said,

“Live Life as a Leader.”

The Sage of the Ages pointed to Pegasus.

“The horse of legend awaits you. Godspeed.”

Morph turned and walked toward Malagig’s camp. Pendragon met the sage on the road.

While they talked, Hunter scanned the Millennium landscape. The fires had burned to ashes. The blue sky looked bright and clear. Rising thunderheads hugged the southern horizon.

Behind him, a fiery-red sky loomed over the eastern hills. Beyond the gorge, a black sky appeared on the western horizon. The sweet smell of pine trees filled his lungs with fond memories. Home beckoned him.

Hunter pulled the gold chain up around his neck, held his gold Triamulet between his fingers, and went into deep thought. It could take months to find Eve…in six months another twenty-five years will have passed on Earth…My parents will be seventy years old…maybe dead…I won’t recognize my family…things will have changed so much I won’t recognize anything. But, I love Eve…I can’t stop thinking of her…she needs my help…she loves me. But, I can be home in seven or eight hours…back with my family…back to normal…back in my home and my own room with all my stuff and—Stop!

What am I thinking? My God…Eve is with that invisible monster…she needs my help.

The mythical stallion stomped the ground and flapped his ivory-white wings.

Think, Hunter…what is the highest choice…the truth…what choice takes you on the high road?

Hunter held the gold Triamulet up to his face. The medallion gleamed in the solshine.

Then he realized, I already know the highest choice!

“Wait!” Hunter shouted, walking toward the sage. “Morph, I’ve made my decision!”

The sage walked calmly back to him.

They met next to Pegasus.

Hunter held his backpack, artist satchel, and Eve’s bow and arrows.

Their eyes met. Hunter nodded at Morph.

The sage returned his nod and said, “The high road awaits us, Hunter.”

The sage gave Pegasus a hand signal, then said to Hunter, “Let us go find your friend, she needs our help.”

The magnificent horse of legend neighed, folded his wings and ran to Morph. 

“Please mount up, we are going to Escalot, then Hermopolis.


“Because Pendragon’s messengers have confirmed that the Walrus has been spotted rounding Cape Taenarum and heading north through the Sea of Esteem.”

“So, which way is that?”

Millennium Solar System

Millennium Solar System

“East, my son. We shall fly toward the red sky.”

“On Pegasus?”

‘Yes. While I gather our gear, ‘saddle up’ as you say in your Wild West adventures.”

Morph pointed at Pegasus.

Hunter turned and the mighty horse had bowed down to one knee, his white wing touching the ground. He climbed up onto the black saddle. Grabbed the leather reins and turned to find Morph.

He stood behind Hunter, placing leather bags over the flanks of the horse, behind the saddle.

“Ready?” Morph asked, as he jumped up onto the horse, directly behind him.

Hunter nodded, yes, clutching the reins.

Morph whistled and Pegasus took off, his wings outstretched, galloping at full speed toward the gorge.

Hunter held his breath as the mythological beast lifted his wings and leaped off the edge of the cliff in full flight.

The winged stallion leveled off and began to flap his massive wings.

“On to Escalot!” Morph shouted.

Soaring high into the blue Millennium sky, Pegasus made a full turn and flew southeast.

Hunter Wainright: The Way

Hunter Wainright: The Way

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