Need Nothing

Planet Millennium

Planet Millennium

Metamorphosis told Hunter, “I offer you the seventh secret of the universe, ‘Enjoy all things, need nothing.’”

“Need nothing?” Hunter shrugged his shoulders.

“You need nothing. No thing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Stop needing. Stop wanting.”

“Why should I?”

“By not wanting, all things shall fall in their proper place. When you stop needing, you become calm and free from want.”

“Inner freedom brings inner peace, the ultimate experience. When you live with inner peace, you discover you can live without.”

“Things from the outside world become unimportant. You shall experience personal freedom. Freedom within.”

“How do I stop needing and wanting?”

“Eliminate fear. Stop being afraid of everything.”

“I am not afraid,” Hunter said, tightening his jaw muscles.

“My son, when you eliminate fear, you eliminate anger. Anger is the curse of your Planet Earth.”

“As I have said, when you stop needing things, you become free from fear and anger.”

“How?” Hunter asked.

Planet Millennium

Planet Millennium

“Stop needing physical and emotional gratification. You need nothing from others…not constant praise and attention.”

Morph raised his two upper arms. “You came from nothing. Nothingness. No-thing-ness.”

“You came from a place of no things and you shall return to a place of no things.”

“You need nothing, yet, you may enjoy all things.”

“Things? Do you mean possessions?”

“Correct. All that stuff you humans collect and believe to be so important.”

“Those worldly possessions you covet and fight over and kill each other for.”

“But I like my stuff.”

“I understand. You believe your accumulation of things shall bring you happiness and success.”

“The more you get, the more you desire.”

“It does not take long before you suffer from the disease of more and lose touch with your center.”

“Dad says I’m spoiled, that I have too much stuff.”

“Perhaps he has a point. Other than the basic necessities of life…food, shelter and clothing…what do you really need?”

“But it feels good to buy things, have nice stuff.”

“The stuff of which you speak cannot bring happiness.”

“When you glorify wealth, power and beauty, you beget crime, envy, and shame.”

“When I get a gift or buy something for myself, I feel great.”

“And how long does this great feeling last?”

“A few days. Wait, sometimes a few weeks.”

“Do any of these gifts, these things you buy, bring everlasting joy?”

“Hmmm, probably not. I remember Dad telling Grandpa Norman that he couldn’t take his money with him when he died.”

“A wise statement. Do you ever get frustrated or angry when you do not get what you wanted?”


Planet Millennium

Planet Millennium

“Always needing things becomes an obsession. You become fearful of not getting it; therefore, you become anxious and angry.”

“You are taught that things, possessions, make you happy. When you do not get them, you sulk and become angry.”

Listening to the crackling fire, Hunter said,. “So, I’m not supposed to get gifts, or have new stuff, for the rest of my life?”

“I am not suggesting that you reject all pleasures of the mind and body.”

“I offer you the concept that all things of the body must be voluntary, not mandatory.”

“Do not be a slave to things because you feel you must have them. If you choose to have stuff, so be it.”

“Inner peace frees you of outside needs. This inner freedom allows you to love unconditionally.”

“So, if I stop needing and wanting things, I’ll be happier?”

“One day you shall know when enough is enough. When you realize you have enough, you are truly rich.”

“The less you desire the better you feel. Need nothing. Embrace this universal truth and you shall live a long life.”

“When you discover the Great Way, you shall surely live forever.”

“Okay. I’ll work on needing nothing,” Hunter said. “I need some time to think it over.” 



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