The Fifth Secret of the Universe

Time Island

Time Island

Metamorphosis said, “The fifth secret of the universe is, ‘You get what you think about, whether you want it or not.’”

Hunter glanced at Eve and said, “I understand. Whether my thoughts are negative or positive, they will come true.”

“Correct,” Morph said. “Your thoughts manifest your destiny. Think you are worthless, worthless you shall become.”

“Think you are ugly, ugly you shall become. Think you are patient, patient you shall become.”

“Think you are loving, loving you shall become.”

Time Island

Time Island

“If all creatures lived by the fifth Universal Law, it would change their lives immediately.”

“Unfortunately, the Dark Plague’s low self-esteem viruses cause chaotic, negative thinking.”

“Dysfunctional creatures, like the Extractors, cannot control their own thoughts. They always behave out of control.”

“They reject the secrets of the universe. Speaking of secrets, now is an excellent moment to tell you.”

“There is a secret about the secrets.” Morph grinned.

Hunter frowned. “What do you mean?”

The Eight Great Treasures

The Eight Great Treasures

“Getting what you think about whether you want it or not has never been a secret to enlightened beings.”

“The Universal Laws are not mysteries, they are the highest truths.”

“These truths are supreme physical, Universal Laws. All enlightened beings live by these laws.”

“Then, why do you keep calling them the secrets of the universe?”

“I use the term secret for my guests visiting from primitive civilizations.”

“You mean, Earth?” Hunter asked.

“Yes. Primitive beings that live in primitive civilizations are unaware or refuse to accept the universal truths.”

“Why don’t they accept the truth?”

“Their thoughts are infected by the virus. They cannot think straight…logically.”

Hunter grimaced. He watched a group of chirping spiderbats dart past the cave.

The Eight Great Treasures

The Eight Great Treasures


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