There are no Accidents in the Universe

Time Island

Time Island

Hunter looked defiantly at Metamorphosis. “Hey, what about bad luck, accidents?”


“Like being struck by lightning, or getting run over by a truck, or a train?”


Metamorphosis replied, “Allow me to offer you the second secret of the universe, ‘Nothing, no thing, happens by accident.’”


“I don’t believe that.” Hunter said.


“Of course not. You have been taught differently by your parents, by teachers, by religion, by government…”


“…by the leaders of your primeval society. You have been guided down the wrong path.”




Hunter smirked. “Accidents happen from bad luck. Or, maybe the devil is responsible.”


“We shall talk about the devil later. Do you realize that your beliefs regarding bad luck come from fear?”


“I’m not afraid,” Hunter said, pointing his right index finger at Metamorphosis.


“Young man, you have been raised by parents, teachers, governments and religions that teach fear and total dependence.”


“You have been raised not to ask questions. When you do something wrong, you are taught the devil made you do it.”


“As with most Earthlings, true love and acceptance have not been part of your upbringing, your education.”


“I’m not in the mood to talk about this right now.” Hunter wiped his mouth with a white napkin.


“I understand how difficult it is to accept the truth, especially the supreme truth.”

The Eight Great Treasures

The Eight Great Treasures


“Greet each event, every moment in your life, as a special part of the grand plan, theGreat Way.”


“What you refer to as accidents always come together at exactly the right time and with exact outcomes.”


“Unfortunately, you, like most humans, seem to believe these outcomes are accidental, blind luck. Why?”


“Because you are fearful of the truth.”


The teenager from Earth shrugged his shoulders. He stared at Morph and said, “I am not afraid of the truth.”


The Sage of the Ages grinned. “Every event, every action, may not be as unfortunate as you think.”


“Give me an example,” Hunter said.

The Eight Great Treasures

The Eight Great Treasures


“People come and go, in and out of our lives, at exactly the right moment.”


Hunter thought for a moment and grinned. “Do you mean like, losing my family but meeting Eve?”


Morph nodded. “Eve is just one example.”


“Okay, I’ll think about what you’ve said, but I am not afraid.”

Planet Millennium

Planet Millennium


The sage patted Hunter on the shoulder. “My son, I understand.”

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