The Observer



Eight Great Treasures of Planet Millennium

—Octilogy  (Chapter 13, page 295)

Metamorphosis, Sage of the Ages, reveals more Secrets of the Universe to Hunter Wainright.

“There are no accidents in the universe,” Morph said. 

“Things do not just happen randomly, or by God’s intervention.

“The supreme reality is that observation, thoughts and beliefs, cause energy waves to take shape.

“Energy waves turn into particles based on the individual thoughts and beliefs of the observer.”

 “What observer?” Hunter asked.  

 “Anyone. Any creature may observe. You are an observer. Eve is an observer. I am an observer.

“Energy waves act and respond to our thoughts and beliefs at the moment of observation.

“This supreme truth brings us right back to the power of thought. Your thoughts are also creative.

“When observing, your thought energy directly transmutes wave forms into subatomic particles.

“The particles take form in proportion to what you, the observer, believe.

“Thoughts take on physical form based on the perception of the thinker.

“Energy does not need to travel through space and time to communicate, it is already interconnected with all energy in the universe.”

 “Everywhere?” Hunter asked, staring at Eve.

 “All things in the infinite universe, the entire cosmos, are interconnected.

“Everything is a galactic vibrating ball of infinite energy communicating with no regard for space and time…traveling at infinite speed.

“When this energy joins together it forms one, individual thought. One.

“The communication between energy waves happens at precisely the same time, instantly, no matter how far away they are from each other, anywhere in the cosmos.

“Energy waves do not need to travel, they are interconnected to all other energy in the vast universe.

“A matrix, a vibrational grid of energy, exists throughout the cosmos.

Andromeda Galaxy - Binary Star System

“Your thoughts and beliefs regarding the events of your life determines how your life shall unfold in your physical world.”

 “Do you mean I’m not a victim of circumstance?” Hunter asked.

 Morph grinned. “You are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts are determined by your beliefs.

“You broadcast thought waves out into the infinite matrix of energy.

“Your thought waves are transformed from the spiritual realm, the invisible, into particles of the visible, material realm.

“These join with similar energy waves that all vibrate at the same harmonious frequency and collectively join, unite.

“This union is what you come to see, feel and experience in its pure physical form as your physical world.

“You create and shape your own life. No one else does it but you. You and your thoughts.

“You create your destiny. Remember, an object cannot exist independently of its observer.

“The act of observing an object, or an event, or a condition, or a circumstance, causes it to be there.

All outcomes are based on our decisions, our choices, and how we observe it.”

Chapter 13 of Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures

 Hunter raised his hand. “Say that again?”  

“What you think about an object, event, or circumstance, and believe it to be true, determines your life path.

“The real truth or the perceived reality does not matter. All that matters is what you think and believe to be true.

“These transmute into particles that attract like particles, like attracts like.

“Your belief that ‘love is hard to come by’ shall materialize into absolute truth.” 

 “I get it,” Hunter said, gazing into the sage’s tranquil eyes. “It works the same with money, or health, or success, or anything I believe in.”

—continued on page 300 of Octilogy: Eight Great Treasures


Planet Millennium - Land of the Eight Great Treasures







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